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The Truth is (That,) What You belive in (?)

the food chain of internationalism

A book review (below )

13 chapters, one by another and

2 appendixes presented in 15 files


Joern E. Vig

Book Review

By Keld Rasmussen, MSc in Engineering, Roskilde

Winston Churchill is rumoured to have said that he only relied on those statistics he himself had falsified. Take Macro Economics or National Economy - including Monetary and Taxation Policy - In the run-up to global government we'd do well to looking at seriously the implications behind the flippant joke of Churchill: 

If you want to be a hammer rather than an anvil you would be wise to trust yourself, use sound common sense and judgement, think for yourself and certainly don't assume anything as true you don't have direct knowledge of - especially not when so-called experts wrap up simple issues in complicated concepts. 

But is it much worse. Even children, who have not yet internationalised these false concepts will be ensnared as soon as they get to school. 

Especially in Denmark good people consider national debt, exchange rate changes and taxational political tricks and other governmental economic initiatives to be complicated indecipherable gibberish with a lot of weird inherent consequences. Impossible to survey, to see through and to calculate - it is certainly not a pursuit for ordinary mortals. Official projections and forecasts relating to the economic theory have nearly disappeared from the scene, perhaps for a good reason. 

The writer gives you some obvious proposals. 

Side by side with all kinds of manipulative or illusory ideologies, not least "witchcraft", economics forms part of the treason against the blinded mass of the populous.  

Joern E. Vig gives the reader the courage to think for himself. 

7 years in the Danish civil service gave the writer valuable experience behind the scenes. He did not like what he saw. After publishing two books on Business Management he taught for 12 years at the Copenhagen Business School and at the Aarhus School of Business. Now he is a freelance writer and consultant. He is an advisor on EDP, on financial and on statistical issues. 

Joern E. Vig has chosen to explain that part of history concerned with the creation of the black-art of economics, and relates this to the fact that too many individuals seem to spend their lives unfulfilled from the beginning of their school days. Can these two subjects be related? They are closely related in a web of intrigue that our rulers do not want you to know about. If you know you might be free.  

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

Internationalism is not just moonshine...............................................………………

The biggest lies I was told - Nearly one third of your income tax is used to pay interest in Denmark -The national debt problem and dependence - State-Paper-Debt and Loan-Debt – Impersonal humanity becomes blunted hypo-cracy

Chapter 2

The Inter-War Period.....................................….................……………………………

Professor L. V. Birck made a historical, national debt review for Europe in 1925 - New international system of trade, clearing and of national debt - Gold and Gold Standard – A thesis of Arne Rasmussen - Inflation, national debt and dependence (for 7th school class) - Stabilizing foundations of clearing - Bilateral clearing - Bretton Woods negotiations - Henry Morgenthau Jr., John M. Keynes, Harry D. White -The British and the American system-proposals - United money - Norwegian criticism from the exil-address in London.

Chapter 3

Joint Statement by Experts................................................…………………………….

A peculiar system for making more national debt – New Economics in thirties - What will the EURO mean.

Chapter 4

The final crash and The New World Order................................................………..

The system development after the war - The late warnings from Robert Triffin - Council On Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) - The American Money System or The Federal Reserve System - FDR's history in an unofficial version.

Chapter 5

Truth substituted with Lies,  Dollars with Federal  Reserve  Notes, ..........................................……..

John Maynard Keynes drank whisky, Karl Marx beer - The treason is old – The Trilateral Commission - Between Two Ages - The Bilderberg Group - ECU and EURO, difficulties with an ideologic construction. – Seldom things are as they are officially reported ( on power leading to Worldwar I)

Chapter 6

Economics of Tide………………………………………………………

The media-created deflation and monetary created deflation – stagflation – inflation – depression - Nothing new under the sun - Experience with war-financing, state-debt, and a way to bankruptcy - Summery – Capitalization and state-debt enlightened with examples - The Japanese collapses - The economics of tide in USA - Danish relations today - Then and Now.

Chapter 7

The treason seen from Denmark...........................…………………………………..

The way you get the freedom-fighters to say YES - Mankind (first the farmers and the fishermen) at a turning point - Shock-therapy we shall have, reported Dr. Aurelio Peccei on TV - There is something rotten in that state of Denmark - A professor in Denmark retires – The Enron Scandal properly in dejavue, the collapse of the Danish Agriculture Bank, 1923…not  much of the substans in financial swindle has changed.                                                                           

Chapter 8

What came first, the hen or the egg.............................................................…………..

Why the Russian Revolution - Monopoly and monopsony - Experimental-Psycology – Public expenditure on immigrants - A load-budget drawn from the Danish Budget - Welfare, Globalization and competition

Chapter 9

Mental condition becomes behaviour including criminal behaviour..…………

The development of the criminal acts in Denmark 1960-1990 - Resources to stop criminal acts or stop the criminals - Some explanations to crimes - Crimes and immigrants - Questions to the authorities and their useless, but here by published answers.                        

Chapter 10

The new man.....................................................................................................…………….

“The Leipzig Connection” - My own experiences by teaching students to business administrators for 12 years - Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt in Leipzig - G. W. F. Hegel - “The Modern Breaking Through” in Denmark - American psychology was imported from Leipzig in Germany.

Chapter 11

Superior philosophy behind marketing and pedagogy in the 1980s..……….…..

The philosophers including the existentialists behind marketing - Internationalism, the Third and Environment, the Fourth Wave - EU/UN-Pedagogy anno 1996.

Pieces of explanation to the crime-explosion, the Trotsky Plan …....…………..


Chapter 12

Examples of changes in limits and character of the political area.....………….

Compulsion of the trade unions and political compulsion in Denmark - The law of labor unions’ compulsion - Ethnic discrimination by a Danish law against the Danish in Denmark - Citizens Watch -Farmers’ and Fishermen’s watch - Union-propaganda is just a part of the treason - Some conclusive priciples for the rules in a real consti-tution - What is power - Some of the figures - Right-Left-1-2-1-2-Right-Left - Private Top Meeting in Copenhagen

Chapter 13

The ship-wreck of The Plan.................................………….

The attack on USA September 11th 2001 looked upon with the experience - The Balkan-Wars among other things


Appendix 1

Globalization and Economy, an concret example of  a contribution to 8th International Congress of Professors’ World Peace Academy to be held in Seul, Korea, February 2000

Appendix 2

A new international monetary system - Euro, the end of the social state, extracts of a speech by Prof. W. Hankel

Index ………………………………………………………..

Table of Literature (Bibliography)……………………………

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Europe at a turning point. Three World Wars started in the 20th  century. The last war was being fought in the financial and mental systems until 11th september 2001. The Second World War was also fought financially while physically Second World War took place. So the ongoing war against terror started in the 20th century on the financial and the mental level, but the attack on USA also started the military  response to quite a new type of war. Even though “war against terror” is not easy to understand we hear this war certainly is meant to be fought worldwide. Europe with a progress in welfare in the 1950s and 1960s without any side in history, and without any side in the future, is until now not the central battlefield in the war of against terror. What is the battlefield of this war I cannot tell, but the background leading to the  war will perhaps show that there is no battlefield at all or let’s say the whole world is the battlefield.  

I shall not take the agenda from the mainstream-media. This would be too easy and rather uninteresting, and like every war it has a background that certainly is not told on screen.

I have chosen to explain the part of the history that concerns the creation of but from the beginning an antiquated system of economy-considerations, and the human disaster that can be seen in the fact that too many European individuals seem to end in misery from the beginning of their school days.

What are wars about? Do people suddenly hate each other, and do the states running the nations or do the people in the nations then have to begin a war? The concept “power” has some meaning to most people. But have you thought out what power really is? I have tried to pin down what power really is.

Is power military strenght? What about contempt for death? Is money power? How much for my thoughts? We will get closer in this book. Until you have read it, you may think what you want. Choose

for yourself. I hope we agree in the end.

My proposal to the few remaining ideologists:

Once and for all, you can think of integrating the power or of disintegrating the power, but unfor-tunately (it is apparently my luck) you cannot finance your possible ideological thoughts to reality. And even if you could, it would not help you...your thoughts have not a tiny bit of similiarity to how the human being really is, how people are or permanently can be brought up to be, believe it or not. "The Isms" are therefore always financed by the power brokers, because they know you will fail...every time, and the powe brokers end up then being the winners every time. If you continue this book, you will receive the chance to learn what power, what power really is. You will not be laughing all the way through, but perhaps you will find out what freedom to use your power really is.

I shall concentrate intirely on facts.

A profound tested German experimental-psychological project from the 19th century conquered USA before the last war (Pavlov). It has spread to Europe. A plan had been made for Europe, and one for the world too, long before you were born. The New World Order or 'The Planet of the Apes' you can call it as you like. I shall try to show what brought us into a central directed, planned economics, half-Fascist, chaotic, subsi-dized Europe without civil rights, and lots of holy so-called human rights, but with a 'media-cracy' in a short passing phase at best.

I don’t believe in any kind of a world conspiracy, I don’t believe in anything of this world. A lot of partici-pants in the Great Work of Ages have told us fragments about their doings: The new world order, what some of the founders said about it: But fragments were not enough for me. I wanted to know more.


The fraudulent international monetary system created in the Second World War was suitable if not design-ed for the weak postwar (professional) politicians[1], who followed the line of least resistance. The European Monetary Union (EMU) were supposed to draw back the power to Europe (puppets tell us), from where it moved to USA in the twenties, the thirties and especially in the forties. And NAFTA in the Americas is like EU in the 1960s and the 1970s, expected to bring more free trade (the puppets tell them). What the prices paid by ordinary people are planned to be, I shall try to tell in an unostentatious and idiomatic language without the usual witchcraft that has become so common if not compulsory among economists educated after the Second World War.

To the last mentioned, I have chosen a series of concrete short reviews seen from Denmark, but the reader will see and understand corresponding reviews in his own nation in what I tell. I have chosen the most convergent and the most determining phenomena, not the ones that were officially meant to be chosen.

The preconditions for your understanding are: You have to open your eyes, you have to consider the matter free of empty phrases.

The Danes were the first to say NO (to the Maastricht  Treaty) with the voting-paper 2nd June 1992, the same year we beat Europe in football. May 18th 1993 they won the game using sweet words and blows with a stick using 1 billion DKr. mediacosts. Later followed the Amsterdam Treaty which the Danes accept too even though they formally got four reservation to the Maastricht Treaty to get it through. Now a monster has been created because ‘Amsterdam’ depended on “Maastricht”. And to make it further complicated, the Danes voted no to Euro September 28th 1998. We are still waiting for a fourth, a fifth ...and perhaps a seventh referendum, because we are not left with the impression that the visible power-puppets have yet reached the results they told us they  wanted… for us. They have their problems, certainly they have. And perhaps the power-puppets are not able to explain the results convincing to those stupid Danes? Or perhaps the Danes outside the circles of the power-puppets hate lies?


The work with this little book started in 1990. Thanks to Department Head at the University of Aalborg, Denmark P. H. Bering, thanks to Author Jens Jackie Jensen, Herlev, and thanks to Director Torvald Fonsboel, Vejle for their wise and encouraging comments and proposals to this book .

"He who knows the truth, and does

not let it appear and expose –

he is a pitiful coward, indeed"

(Willi Senff)

Joern E. Vig


Denmark as we know it is coming to an end. The country (understood mainly as a homogenous national state) within the next two generations at least from today will be unrecognizable to a grown up Dane of today, if he is shown a map of Denmark, as we know it, and is told that this map actually shows the peace of ground which he is standing on. I do not maintain that the geography will change essentially.

Today every alert Dane can see that this is very likely to happen, if the ruling tendencies are allowed  to continue. If you follow those official descriptions of the country and the community that still exist – many of them in quite a decreasing quality -, you will not doubt where the country is going to with mathematical certainty. The Germans may observe precisely the same reality and the same perspective.

How could it end so wrong: Why shall Denmark, Germany - and perhaps USA as well - come to an end?

Why is after all a strange, claiming word.

The logical consequence, that leads Denmark without moderate disturbing intervention to an end is only one part of the answer to this why.

What motives and what purposes you shall see Denmark or USA develop to in that decay is the other half of that why.

When I eventually had got enough time, after having taught on the commercial college for 12 years and worked in the government department for 7½  years, I decided to investigate that decisive question for me:

Why shall Denmark come to an end?

'Something is very wrong in Denmark, the mill of Dybboel is milling just to hell', John Mogensen sang in 1972. Louis Miehe-Renard sang: 'Do not believe them' the same year. It is fundamentally a good idea at the starting point to investigate, who benefits from a crime when you shall look for its cause[2].

Perhaps I am too self-opinionated, too stiff. Perhaps.

The reader may judge. I show a development, some courses.

What have you fallen over yourself in your own development? Things that have remained mysteries. Fear, sense of guilt, inferiority, perhaps lack of self-respect or just ignorance. All of us know these things. They enclose us very much. I looked for the missing tracks too.

Decisive for your benefit of this reading:

The Danes wer"

All of us have a framework, from where we are thinking, and our frameworks are of course different. You have to be willing to expose your framework to an experiment of disruption, if you want to go on in getting an answer to your unanswered or your falsely answered questions. The frame-works or the shell around your and my universe limits our outlooks and knowledge. It has to be so for some time. The longer you have thought in a given framework the more difficult perhaps it is for you to break the shell. All of your identity is gradually tied up to just your usual world of imagination within your known referring frame. Time is perhaps the most difficult to connect with your understanding. Your imagination of time is nearly always connected solidly to your own limited term of years.

If you are untrained, as most academics are, then you have to cross limits in yourself in order to see what a treason, you perhaps are placed in. If you altogether can see then, there is a treason. Perhaps you will be shocked while you read my book, and perhaps you will refuse to see. But in that case you must remember this beginning:

A very simple treason, but it has been made complicated in your customary/taught framework, and it has been made very simple compared to what is rather more complex in relation to your usual imaginations.

Without your acceptance of this assumption you may stop the reading here.

I will start with the lies, the fatal lies I have been told. In that way I hope to find the tracks to the grave of Denmark, Germany and USA or of another country at last. Just after Worldwar I Denmark was pretty close to go bankrupt among other things cause by an “Enron Scandale” in historical dejavue (1923).

Johannes Joergensen begins his “Bell Roland” in this way in 1916:

"Bell Roland is my name

"when I peal, it is fire

"when I ring, it is victory in Flanderland!"

This was written at the big bell in Gents Beffroi in days of old.

Bell Roland rings, Bell Roland rings, Flandern's big bell of fight and of victory rings out into Ragnarok. And if we Nordic listen very well, then we clearly hear that it is our mother's voice, it talks, and that it says and sings like the scald in the Nordic Hymn:

Beast die,

Kinsman die,

One I know that never dies,

the Judge against the dead.


Chapter 1

Internationalism is not just moonshine

Where does the experience, the influence of today come from?

I will also show how we were prepared for the lies through a special psychology called mind control.

Somebody may learn to distinguish between development and dismantling. Sometimes it can be difficult.

The first lie: Nation debt is of no importance. The second lie: multiculture

When I started to study economics at the university of Aarhus, Denmark in 1969 state-debt was of no importance. You should not even mention the word, because it was meant to mean nothing. It was simply ridiculous to mention the debt of the state. We were two students who did not believe this to be true. He reached the top of the Danish financial branch. He must have learnt to shut up. Talking has always been my problem.

The debt-lie was one of many lies that revolved in my mind in the first years at university.

When I look back today, I know I am right. I have learned a lot including a considerably amount of lies. I would like to ask: Could the disintegration of Denmark had happened in the fifties? Absolutely not. Had anyone dared to suggest the disintegration to happen in the fifties?  Absolutely not. If anyone had dared to suggest this with bad hidden excuses to for example impersonalized humanity[3] in the fifties, the proposer would for sure have been locked up with a diagnosis, especially if his speech had constantly got well through to the public. Today the reaction is close to the opposite. What has happened is against reason and custom of state, and without any discussion in the deepest inconsistency with the spirit and the letters of the Constitution? But something else had to develop in advance. An immigrations of about 20 millions muslims to Europe in a priod of about 20 years. Nearly the same number as in USA.

Many of the supremes in Denmark and in Europe have not only reported the economy-lies and their consequences. They have arranged the community and the communities according to these lies. But the supremes, they could not be so stupid. No, the real rulers are not stupid, I do absolutely not think of  the members of the Danish parliament, Folketinget. It is cold on top, they say. Most of us believed them. The objectives were just not the announced ones. So simple is this.

Suddenly in the beginning of the 1990s the Minister of Finances could see rises in the prices on the shares in stock market, a so-called boom that did really existed, because production and jobs did not boom, and a lot of the boom on the market of shares had even been paid by borrowing against security of government bonds (helt by the public, and especially by the institutional investors). At such occurrences our (then) Conservative Minister of Finance used to talk about recovery of the the strong Danish economy, and even incredible strong Danish economy. In 1993 we then got a social democratic Minister of Finances with new expectation. There was not much difference in what they did. The easy-money floated perhaps a little more as tax-financed subsidies to lines of businesses with high unemployment. Few people believed him either. He and his predecessors have sung this song a lot of times for the last 30 years. More paper money, more debt,… more wealth? So older people never believe them. They feel they have no real choice. I don’t feel old.

In 1994 BBC-TV reported that international trade between the EU-countries and The United Kingdom had fallen by 15% in the period 1986-1994 - in 1986 they decided the Interior Market in EEC meant to develope the free trade further, they told us. It is funny that it never develop as (officially) planned. Lower taxes, lower value-added-taxes, more harmony in tax-laws etc. Nothing was still developing as they told us. Now they tried to introduce a new compulsory European currency among 14 indebted members of EU. International monopolies (markets with one supplier) or competitors in oligopolies (markets with a few suppliers) have little interest in lower personal taxes, lower national value-added-taxes in an Europe nearly with citizens watch instead of physical boarders. So they fight for at new currency that will bring power back to Europe making it much easier for businesses and tourists, they told us. A few still remembered that currency and national sovereignty is the two side of the coin. But this mean nothing. Nations were just an idea from the 1800s, General Wesley Clark told us in 1999.

All the problems can not be found in the money and economy, alone. No, but the money and the economy were some of the means. Money is power they say and power perform the world – they say, but you will know better. Perhaps is money the strongest of all the means. Or is there something much more powerful. Some say:

There is a lack of ethics actually, perhaps of Christianity and of its values, somebody would maintain.

We have forgotten what is right and wrong. To ensure that we will (not) return to our roots, the foundation was removed from our everyday efforts, and with this our destiny was put into the hands of others. I don’t know.

State debt means dependence:

Today the distinction between foreign debt and domestic debt is of no real interest for the understanding. But the distinction between loan-debt (LD) and government bonds (GB) and other government debt-paper have quite another meaning today. GB is being sold in enormous amounts all over the world in order to get foreign exchange. The geography and the nationality have no real sense, when you ignore the domestic-taxation. Especially the domestic debt has been issued by the parrots of John Maynard Keynes[4] to create a voluminous public sector. Lots of governments bonds, an steady increasing amount of money and cheap credit combined with rising taxes advance this objective. A still growing enormous public sector, more subsidy to the tax-raised wages, an enormous state-debt and a so-called increased stability by (false) high employment by directing the demand via subsidys to where the public want it to be. About 35-40% of the Danish bricklayers, carpenters and painters were unemployed in 1993.

At that they have tried 'to repeal the Law of Heaviness' in their new mysterious Religion For Peoples Of Earth.  

The distinction between GB and LD has a little relevance for another reason. GB has a price, and therefore it is as things are developing a minor secure claim to put money into than a LD claim, which is agreed in some exchange and on other more or less fixed terms, some of those usually can be influenced by the lender too. The state is determing the term in GB claims, but not the courses.

The Keynesians handle GB as a mean “to absorb domestic purchasing power,” when the government for example prefer public spent money[5]. That interpretation has really no meaning at all. It is simply a suited misunderstanding of the concept purchasing power or a mixing up of production and consumption. Chapter 6 deals with this.

On the 31st January 1995[6] the Danish state and the Danish municipalities owed about 830 Mia. DKr. (six months later about 852 mia. DKr.) or more than the salable production in Denmark in one year, and 160,000 DKr. (or £17,000) a Dane. In 2000 the debt is still close to 1 (European) billion or one American (trillion) In Sweden - governed by the IMF (International Monetary Fond) in a period of the 1990s - the debt was more than 180,000 skr. a Swede. Sweden got a speculation-clip after having presented a public deficit of about 100 Mia. SKr.[7] on the balance of payments in 1991, and after the Danes thought they had voted NO to the European Union June 2nd 1992. The rulers would not like such a voting result in Sweden too. The clip was only a reminder of what could happen, and perhaps be much worse.

As far as I can judge Sweden went bankruptcy – they call it a lot of other things today – in 1992 and had to accept a devaluation of its currency of 30%. Three month before this the Danish Minister of Economics Niels Helveg Petersen wrote in Aarhus Stiftstidende (a local Danish newspaper) that Denmark should certainly choose the same economics policy as the one in Sweden.

The national debt of Germany had reached about 2,5 billion[8] DM in 1995. It was built up in a few years, and about 500 Mia. DM was caused by the reunion of Germany until 1995. Every German owed (1995) about 31,000 DM (or £10,000 or Dkr. 120,000).

It has to be underlined that the debt dealt with here is the one the citizens have not contracted in any other way than that they have voted for the politicians. This politicians have borrowed a lot of money in order to redeem there own political promises as clever or as quickly as possible, and especially to stay in power. They have done it in a way that does not give us the possibility to place the responsibility for their actions, when nearly all of them on the whole were acting in that way in changing governments. The change of the government and of the Minister of Finance in 1993 changed the words. The unemployment-camouflage was the subsidy-economy in a large scale.

Not even Germany could honor the EMU-demands (for entering the Euro. These demands will be listed below) in the third phase (1997) any longer, only Luxembourg that is living by the EU-bureau-cracy and by discreet banking like Switzerland honored the demands. That must be tragicomic even to a unionist, if he knew. This is the truth regardless what you were told by several European, for example  the Danish TV-employees Hans Bischoff and Poul Joergensen and others of this ilk. These gentlemen are tools for the top, or they do not even know anything themselves. Both the mentioned have an interrupted education of economy behind them. How could it go on for so long?  

Because you were told a lot of lies, half truths, twisted truths, and several deciding truths were never told at all. Has it happened before? Yes, several times before, but it was not expected to be of any interest to you. You should not think of it as problems.

You were meant to do your job, spend your money, look at TV, read your paper, eventually your text-books, and don’t ask too many challenging (called stupid) questions.

From where did these false arrangements of money and of understanding monetary issues originate, I asked myself?

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[1] Professional politician I define as politician for the personal avancement.  

[2] Anyone who has read af crime novel knows that a detective starts asking three questions: Who has a motive, eventually an economic profit or any other benefit from it? Who has the means to go through with it? And who has had the possibility to do it?

[3] When this impersonalized humanity is financed by the state or by other taxfinanced autoritives e.g. international or supernational, and it is whipped up well in the electronic, state- and ideology-ruled media and the press as is the fact in Denmark to Exhibitionistic Humanity, the result is blunted hypocricy.

[4] His matematical models are fine. The problem is that they are introduce to explain relations among people on this earth.

[5] As we shall see, they advert that they can kick the economy to recover with more public expenditures. They can not. The public expenditures drains the economy.

[6] For the latest years the Danish account of state-debt has not been entirely reliable. In the media you most hear about the citizens’ private debt. According to DR-Text-TV-News Februar 6th  the debt of the Danes in-creased by dkr. 92 billions or dkr. 76 each a day in 2001.   

[7] Milliard in Europe is called billion in U.S.A.

[8] Billion in Europe is called trillion in U.S.A.