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Chapter 13

The shipwreck of the plan -

the endeavour, said Churchill

In the Nürnberg-Processes, that ended more than fifty years ago, the accusers and the judges attached deciding importance to the fact that the Nazi-regime had been built on a conspiracy. Many of the selected accused and judged ones had participated in a conspiracy, and the Second World War had been a planned war of aggression, it was maintained. This is undoubtedly true.

After the war a strong flourishing Germany was built up, started by the Marshall's Plan (American emis-sion of notes) and German diligence and skill.

An economic strong and stable America-secured Western Germany as a bulwark against the planned and established communism-sphere in the East.

The replacement of the League of Nations, the United Nations (UN) also begins to develop instead, the UN was planned before and in the war, UN with all its manyheaded special agencies included IMF and the World Bank began to work. In advance it has for long been planned and been secured that the American monetary-system was on private hands via Federal Reserve System, and the agencies of turn out for US-presidents (C.F.R. and TC) had been planned and established, as we have seen in this reading. EEC was on the rails exactly, when the dollar finally abolished or left the gold.

Right from the beginning Jean Monnet powerful and precisely argued before the 1956-treaty to transmit power directly to a gradually construction of unity and integrate the functional bureaucratic elite throughout of Europe in order to create a sphere of power in which a fulscale union could not be stopped. The transmission of power had to begin planned with relatively non-controvercial economic functions and the production of steel, to minimise the concerns of the planned brake down of the national suvereignty. You should secure that power-transmission was planned totally irreversible. The treaty-doctrin Acquis Communautaire secured this plan. Jean Monnet's rather peculiar carriere and background you can read about on:


They had to lie through twenty years to get "this planned construction of EEC free-trade" with little popularity into action in Europe, the European, Francofile Joergen Schleimann (former member of Trilateral Commission wrote in Berlingske Tidende June 11th 1996 – read below). Germany's Reunion and the Soviet Union collapses, the European Union that had been declared dead however by the former Danish Prime Minister Poul Schlüter, is living (oh, I forgot some “planned”). Russia and the old East Block have to be included, says Henry Kissinger - who has admitted Gorbi to the One World Society - to our former Minister of Foreign Affairs Niels Helveg Petersen. Half a planned hour became one hour with Kissinger (compare BT September 25th 1996). The planned immigration to Western Europe from the Third World accelerated planned from the beginning of 1980s despite of a solid aversion against the settlement of the peoples, for the exhibition-humanity, after a planned agreement, and the planned break-down of the balance of power. All countries in Western Europe, Norway, Luxembourg and Switzerland excluded, are strongly indebted as a direct consequence of the planned, established, undermining, international monetary system that has been broken down since 1971, or in reality from the beinning as planned, and our weak professional politicians after WW2:

It was much easier 'to rule' with deficit, by loans and easy-money than by real, demanding interference against the evil, in the short run anyhow. In the long run we are dead all of us. Perhaps it is planned too.


All short sights grow long, when they continues, as a planned conspiracy among very few, obvious it was planned to work from the birth-preparing-course to the cemetery in Denmark.If this is correct they have succeded.


"The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavour is taking place, an important plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind" – (unquote) Winston Churchill - (33 Degree Freemason)


The nations must be put out of real influence. Germany is also hopeless indebted by the ratification of the EU-Treaty in Maastricht that was planned to finally abolish the D-Mark. State-Super-State-Constribution-In Fallow-Indebted-Europe with quotes of production, and a central directed, bureaucratic pricing-system in old- and new-Keynesian plus marxistic style, planned realities. Bureaucrats and technocrats in the EU-Commission are planning, and they are activating themselves especially with the unemployed in new secondary- and tertiary labor markets[1]. In the beginning just a little like the Nazi-Germany or the People's Republic (DDR). They decide and make directives plus decrees, and they hector the ethnic original peoples of the European nations that seem mostly inconvenient. 80 p.c. of the legislation in the parliaments of the single nations have its origin in the EU-Commission[2]. The EU-Counsel of Ministers have secret meetings, in the EU Parliament the worst are placed, in any case the most difficult of the politicians of the member-states, employed with discussions to a towering nearly tax-free salary. The Portugueses talk Portuguese, the Italian Italian, the Frenchmen French, the Danes Danish, a real Tower of Babel, while the decisions are made in circles mostly by short visits to the bureau of the EU-Commission.

Free Trade, lower taxes, lower rates, and dues, an Europe of the citizens, they told the citizens, the voters in the European nations.

They planned and realized precisely the opposite.

Everything was developed in diametrical opposition to the official outspoken plan. Lies from the beginning to the end, compare Joergen Schleimann:

Jørgen Schleimann (tidl. MF) wrote in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende June 11th 1996: "The government was not permitted to join the Maastricht Treaty throughout. Poul Schlüter og Uffe Ellemann-Jensen instead got the job to find the hole, where the ostrich could hide its head. They did that, and actually they shall not be counted in to the ingratitude. Just as Jens Otto Krag (former Prime Minister) should not be blame that he in 1972 let us believe that EEC was primery – or entirely – about economics. Lies and treason were needed for Krag to get us eased into EEC, and for Schlüter and Uffe to get us to stay inside.“  


Jens Otto Krag already wrote in 1944:

The German Grossraum plan is explaned by Krag in the book ”War Economic and War Problems”, by Krag and P. Gersmann, the Danish Publisher 1944. Page 177-180 (just a tiny single quotation):


”It have to be underlined at once that the German’s plans do not intend to make a international order, but an order of the European Grossraum alone. This conception on the other side is rather elastic, because the lebensraum of Germany following Hitler (February 1940) is all the land that has been civilized and made available to Germans” (unquote).


Myths and superstition can be benevolently, Z. Brzezinski wrote in 1970. "Short of a benevolent world dictatorship bent on reform, we must work within the bounds of an ineffective, adolescent international system, with all the pains, crisis and irrationality, which adolescence dictates", Z. B. wrote in the mid 1970s. The half secret Trilateral Commission, which shall gather the world in three blocks first, was established 1973 by the C.F.R.-lodge of 1919 with Z. Brzezinski as its first director.

Do all these wise individuals not know, what is happening, when Trotsky’s Plan complete the picture, and "we" invite the foreign peoples of the world with poles apart cultural differences and nearly all of them impossible qualifications to settle down permanently in a planned high-tech-nological Western Europe with mass unemployment. At first it was Exhibition-Humanity on screen. When that E-H was metallic fatigue, the abortions in the North had reached 25 p.c. of a class of births.

"A need for bread-winners in the future of Europe has suddenly been foreseen now, the visible rulers embarrassed tell us"[3].

Find yourself a reason. Find yourself a lie. Or read the Trotsky Plan made for the purpose again. The clever heads know everything, what is happening, and what will happen in the future. Precisely the same that all of us mortal ones feel[4]. The only difference is that the rulers - the interior ruler - want it, just like they blew under the fire on the Balkan Peninsula. It was a guinea pig of a common more integrated cooperation about foreign policy in EU, an EU which should not deal with foreign policy at all. The war was used to test the international army of EU/UN[5]. The Danish International Brigade gave the Danish Radical-Left-Party represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs quite a new image of jingoism. From September 2000 EU has decided for an Army of 230,000 soldiers.

Anybody that might maintain that all these constructed arrangements, phenomenons and agreements since the last war in Europe do not take our freedom away, and not a thing could worry the people more, is a liar. If anybody would maintain that these arrangement all the way through have not been planned by a few, I must laugh.

"In the modern Europe is no room for homogeneous national states. It was an idea from 1800s, and we are going to carry it (multiculturarism) through in 2000s, and we are going to create multietnic states." (unquote) (NATO-High Command) General Wesley Clark, June 1999 on CN-N.

No Union has ever been established without war, but several unions have disintegrated without.


The war, the weapon will be used, when the whole foundation fails materially and spiritually, as it must following the plan. With a young and a younger generation of practically ignorant individuals the foundation has been created, planned for the war.

Thesis and antithesis is no longer East and West, but North and South. Hegels, not God's: Thesis, contra Antithesis, resulting in the Synthesis or the Something-Must-Be-Done-Effect, formulated and explained clearly by David Icke in his eminent book mentioned above. Or Problem-Reaction-Solu-tion.[6]

Perhaps we would accept that many ideas and many tricks turned against the so-called community were missing. Three perhaps five out of ten. When they misrule in thousand out of thousand cases, it is not accidentally, somebody might maintain. Roosevelt did.

If the war must be fought in Europe or in the south of the Mediterranean we will see. Do you know somebody, who wishes stupid children as an assumption of a world dictatorship? Perhaps you know somebody who wishes war as a mean to the ism-dictatorship, where all power is centered in the top of the pyramid.

Your survival is not needed. It is not calculated in, the American Police Officer McLamb from Police Against The New World Order refered an old American. I know he told the truth. Nothing in history gives me the slightest cause of doubt. The war comes, if enough individuals loose the composure.

Therefore you must obtain knowledge, secure yourself and tell your knowledge wider, while there is time. It is urgent. You must remember to use the four times 'P': Protect, Publish, Prepare and Pray.

If we are too few, we must count on the Vienna-, Nürnberg-, Berlin-, Paris-, Moscow-Congresses or ditto Processes by entrance to the synthesis.

This syntesis was not of God, it was not of the Sea of Love within ourselves and in the universe:

COM-UN-ISM - invented for the purpose in New York and "exported" to Russia April 1918, Bolshevism - a Russian word - was the ism-word of the Revolution or other ISMs which is the same. For example the nazisme with a Adolf Hitler internationally planned to come to power from the mid 1920s perhaps earlier. He succeeded financed by the establishment in 1933. The same year Roosevelt got to power in USA.


I repeat for a short moment:

A document (861.00/5339) in the archives of US State Department confirms that two names have to mentioned in this connection, Max Breitung and Isaac Seligman. According to the same document plans were made to remove the Tsar in February 1916. There are always people who earn money on wars and revolutions. That must never be forgotten, when I you try to understand history. The New York Harald Tribune wrote: "It looks as if the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in reality is one enormous financial operation with the objective transfer the control with enormous amounts from the Russians to the European and the American banks.
"The banker Max Warburg played a central role in the fund-financing of the Communist's propaganda in Russia. He was the Chief of German Intelligence too. He made the industry-owner Hugo Stinnes accepted to give two million roubles to Bolsheviks' propaganda-activities August 12th 1916.
Billions were made on WWI (as I have mentioned), and later on on the Bolshevic extermination-regime. Wilson promised that it would be the last war in history of mankind.

WW1 1916:
Germany had in reality won the war after the two first years, and it also offered England a status quo ante peace; but then America was involved in it, and in this way it was prolonged with two years more. Until then The United States had been almost entirely pro-German, most motivated by the unwilling-ness of the financiers towards the Russian Tsar. As President Wilson worked diligent to get rid of the Russian Tsar, to get him dethroned. A defamation-campagne (as mentioned above) was started without substantial effect.
After USA had entered the war, England made the Balfour Declaration to secure the establishment of an Israel in Palestine, or was it the other way around. This was obvious the price for an 180 degrees shift in USA's foreign policy - apparently - a shift that also implied a fresh outbreak of the worldwar with USA's participation.


We mortal ones are meant to open our eyes, stand it, and keep the powder try.


Therefore two generations without a material war in Europe. The mental and financial war against the Danes and other Europeans is being fought right now. And USA has gone to war against…terror.


The strong regimentation of the channels of information and incessantly narrower institutional framework in and over our nations were not enough to trick the Danes into EU the first time June 2nd 1992, but enough to bring us to our knees the second time May 18th 1993. Even though it might be maintained that the Danes look like a mendacious, childish, naive, frightened, welfare-managed herd, where you forty years ago found a diligent, honest, harmless population living in wealth, they mostly worked and "hyggede sig" with each other, you will find that the most still hate the lie, especially when it by natural law or logic hurts themselves. Therefor they voted NO (this time to Euro) again the September 28th  2000.

Therefore I still hope.


We waited the referendum like they do in foot-ball when they have won one and lost one. Just come on, we are not afraid of Europe or other things. The Danes beat Europe in just this sport the same year, we won over EU for the first time. In the women's handball we use to win too[7]. In 2000 we also won the European Music Context with the Olsen Brothers. We know that the result by our first referendum had an effect around the European nations, and certainly know that our NO the Euro was known as well.


Art of warrior or hidden agenda:

When the ordinary man immidiately is able to forsee the consequences of the NATO-Airwar (starting Mrs 24th 1999 in Serbia and Kosovo, then it is not totally wrong to assume that these consequences exactly are included in the high master’s plans. The objective with NATO-war was altered as far as we are informed:

To secure the fugitives’s return by help of the NATO-forces, and to secure a selfcontroled Kosovo called Kosova without the Serbian interference.


American intelligence-sources (NSA) informered onDR-TV Horizont April 6th 1999 that the objective of the war never had been to stop the expulsion of the Albinians; he even forsaw that the NATO-attacks would accelelrate the stream of fugitives with quite an amount from Kosovo after the NOTA-bombers’ fighters’ visit.


April 17th 1999 the German NATO-General Klaus Neymenn was brought in lighter affect in Sbine Chistiansen’s debate-program with politicians on Germen ARD-TV. He said in the end, when he was a bit pressed: “ The Kosovo-war is a model for the rest of Europe.” Not long time after this performance Nauman resigned from his post as NATO-General - perhaps for another reason.


Our answer: Oh, we see, why should such a situation appear in other areas of Europe?

From the Russian TV was shown the fight of the Serbes with the more than doubtful separatist movement called Kosova Liberation Army (KLA) the first month of the war, and UCK that bought weapons in the “World Society” for borrowed means in among others Pakistan and Saudia Arabia. From the Dansih and other West European TV-station was sown  NOTA’s picture of the steams of fugitives that began Mars 24th , when NATO started the air raids.


30% percent of the population in the little Macedonia was is islamic Albanians after a stream of fugitives from the Kosovo war. Here they rigthtly feared the possible building up the UCK,  just like the started in UCK-aggression in Kosovo about 1998. Besides UCK has since the midd 1980s fought for detached Kosova. That did the media not tell anything about. They did not telle about 300,000 serbes expulsion from the Kreijna-districht either.


From april 22nd 1999 was reported ambigious that the land war was palnned in spite of it was exckuded according to the European media in the first course of the war, but the whole planned strategy aimed at that Slobodan Melosovics gave up after a short time of bombing. The last Madeleine Albright reported officially with the traditional pathos Mars 24th, when the NATO-attack started. Nato had never had a B-plan that took into account that Melosovics did not give up after a short time of bombing. The same Albright also had the resposibility that Melosovics was demonized in the planned media-proganda that from the beginning was ruled by BBS and NATO.


Albright took over Bill Clinton’s role in the war planning from January the 19th, because the President then was facing a possible impeachment. In USA and in military circles they had talk about and some had accounted on a land war as an assumption all the time. Prime Minister Tony Blair, England, had first pleaded for a land war, but later on clearly rejected and argued against it in the House of Commons that such a war could be a possibility. It would have been extremely unwise, if the agenda had not been quite another than the reported one. 


The Attack on USA September 11th 2001 – or something else

Just a few extracts from newsletter from October 2001: html

Terrorists have attacked right in the heart of USA. The challenge ought to have been a reply ytjat if possible garanted the madness to stop and at the same time in a way that secured the Americans and other of civilized peoples with futher destroying of the civil right of freedom or even limit these rights in any way. But here have sins of the past and an agenda again that perhaps not not precisely the one you hear on TV.


Terror-war or 5th generation war with a front and without a nation or a group of nation to refer to is not a military war of the ordinary kind, and in reality terror cannot be defeated with high-tech-military operations.


Absolutely nothing can have prevented suicide-terrorists for example to have attacked 10 years ago anywhere with chemestry, biology or to hijac jet planes, and use them to level World Trade Center with the ground or to destroy one third of Pentagon and in this kill perhaps close to 3000 civiles, as it perhaps happened Sepember 11th 2001.


We only have the experience – and do not believe that we have difficulties by concentrating on the background of the last WTC-attack in USA.


February 26th 1993 the World Trade Center was also attacked by terrorists with a bomb, that killed six

individuals and injured more than thousend other. The american feeling of immunity towards international terror was driven finally away then.

But did have effect in the higher circles that take care of the fredom and security of citizens, as they promise then also did later on?

The leaders of islamic network that among others was responsible for the first bombing, and that later on planned a campagne for city-terrorism that could claimed and perhaps will take thousends of American lives, got financial contribution and training by CIA, New American reported Mars 3rd  1997. 

Even in more citical connection, where the exposures obvious, and the terrorist-leaders could have been arrested, Federal Law Enforcement ignored the terror-network or gave it support, the mentioned 

source claimed.


The central terrorist-figur in that network was Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, the “spiritual leader” of an Egypt group of extremists Gama al-Islamiya. In Janury 1996 Sheik Omar was convicted for “rebellious

conspiration” in USA and sentenced to from 25 years to life in prison. His defenders maintained their client was made a victim of an anti-islamic judgment. Sheik Omar and his followers actually were arrested in June 1993, and at the time of this arrestion some the conspirators actually were mixing chemicals for bomb-production.  


At conviction the assistant prosecuter Andres C. McCarthy reported: ”There is system of support to terrorism in USA, which designer is Sheik Abdel Rahman…[it would be] naïve to think that it has been destroyed.” This followinf Two Seconds Under the World, a report about (the first) WTC-bombing published in New York Newsday by the Pulitzer Price winners Jim Dwyer, David Kocieniewski, Deidre Murphy and Peg Tyre that also documented that the followers of Sheik Omar had established terrorist cells in Texas, Califonia, Illinois and Michigan.


The CIA-connection

Sheik Omar was convicted for participartion in the conspiracy that murered the former Egypt President

Anwar Sadat. He had dedicated his grown up life to overthrow the non-religious Egypt regime and make propaganda for  his variety of Islam. In 1987 the American Ministry of Foreign Affaires put Sheik

Omars’s name on its “list of monitoring” with non-Americans involved in terrorism. The did not prevent him from get on the so-called list of “valuable assets” in covert operations including the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s.


Between 1980 and 1989 CIA pump more than $3 bill. in help into Mujahideen, the islamic resistance movement against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The stock of Mujahideen was composed of brave motivated men  who show surprising courage in their efforts to defeat and drive out the Soviet power of Afghanistan. Reporter of Foreign Affaires Kurt Lohbeck documented this in his book Holy War, Unholy Victory: Eyewitness to the CIA Secret War in Afghanistan. CIA invested the most of its support in the least prepared to fight and the most anti-american fractions of Mujahideen. Among CIA’s doubtfuls favoured was Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman.


In May 1996 Reporter of Foreign Affaires Mary ann Weaver wrotes for the Atlantic Monthly that it was in Peshawar, Pakistan in the late 1980s that Sheik Omar “was being involved with US and Pakistan officials of intelligence, who drive the war against Soviet, and that the “about 60 officers of CIA or Special Forces stationed there considered him as a “valuable asset”….and overlooked his anti Western- messages and his incentives of holy war, because the wanted him to select Mujahideen-groups.”

Sheik Omar and hisa followers built up an organization in Peshawar, Pakistan named Service Office that recruited muslims from all areas in the world as voluntaries that would fight the power Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.


However Weaver underlined that money “floated into Service Office from The Muslim Brotherhood”-

one of the most radical and violent anti-Western fraction in the Pan-Islamic movement. Together with

hundreds of millions dollars from Saudi Arabia the money of the Muslim Brotherhood divided out through branches and subsection of Service Office in Europe and USA in way that a so-called cash of bribery was established to terrorists and anti-Western agitators. While Service Office took money through to suitecases of terrorists, Sheik Omar preached his gospel about jihad in Pakistan. Egypt and Saudia Arabia and in the Islamic centers of population in Turky, Germany, Britain and even in USA -   regardless of his figuring on the US-foreign affaires-surveillance-list.

Sheik Omar’s CIA-helped intrance to USA continued after the Soviet redraw from Afghanistan in 1989.


May 10th 1990 Sheik Omar was given an one year visa by CIA agent to be officially present at the US-consulate in Khartum, Sudan, ans later he arrived in New York Juli 1990. In November the same year Sheik Omar’s visa was confiscated, and Ministry of Foreign Affaires requested the authorities of immigration and naturalization to be on lookout for him. The advice of INS was so careful that they immidiately assigned with a so-called Green Card just five month later.


Green Cards is being made legal in the Danish Parliament in order use the American good experiences with such things Mars 5th 2002. “We have to attract the types we need, they say. They most be right, because thet are members of our parliament.”

Sometimes you get enough of experience. “Oh, I see, so you are not filled with prejudices.”


Experimental Psychology

Via experimantation with animals and individuals to an altered meaning of and objective of the human being , altered individual behaviour was needed to put things on right track – upside down – the track to the grave for Denmark and USA. Psychological Pedagogy had to be used of necessity in a very early phase to remove the natural curiousity that allways has characterized the Europeans and the North Americans, the last mentioned originate from here, nearly all of them. They emigrated from Europe, arranged themselves and worked hard all over the country, where they came, mostly as landworkers, the cultivated new ground. The emigration took place in the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

It is very popular for the immigrations-lobby of Danish origine, most them, to refer to that immigration allways has existied,  and therefore it is no problem.


From the med midd 17th century to 1960 about 10,000 people immigrated to Denmark from our own cutural circle. Now 15,000-20,000 come every year to Denmark, of which 75% come from the most foreign cultures. There has then been a more than 350 doubling of the immigration to Denmark, when you

compare with the past.

About 1660-1680: A few German noble families that worked in the service of The King, Rantzau, Ahlefelt, Bernstorff, Moltke orginate from those. Then there were some Dutch farmes who was called to the islands new Copenhagen, Amager.

German and Dutch workers in connection with the building of manufactories and industry in the 18th century.

1720, some French, prosecuted Calvinists settled down near the town Fredericia in Jutland.

1760, “The Potato-Germans” who settled down on the moor of Jutland.

1770, German Hernhutts settled down in Christiansfeld, Jutland.

1880, Swedes and Scanians immigratied to Copenhagen as industrial workers.

1904-1907, Prosecuted Jews in Russia.

1956-1957, Hugarians fugitives after the failed coup against the Soviet Union.

1960s, foreign adoptions, from Korea.

1970s, Polish Jews, prosecuted in their homeland.


All in all less than 10,000 in 350 years. That’s it.


A lot of new words and designations, a lot of rules, decisions, planned arrangements, interpretations of international agreements and procedures are true schemes and false advertising. Most of them are tools of the power. The italicized categories are the means of the rulers to take power, and to consolidate the power. Having got their Euro without a nation “on the train” they plan to build a new European nation 70 days later (after the Danish referendum) via the Nice Treaty. Their problem was that the next slice of the sausage was too thick, so they had to build the ruff before they build the foundation of the totalitarian house lately inspired by Henry, Gorbi, Kohl.


“Like a graze of a nebula we got the right to hope for the things that shall come, before the night has gone”, the troupador Kim Larsen  wrote. Everything is possible, and you decide mostly for yourself, if you

know of and arrange yours in harmony with what happens around you, notice that. You can meddle in the way the world turns, according to the capitalized value of your material future. so simple is that. You will perhaps live in peace, if you pay everyone his due - fully forgetting the extended rights of the rulers and their pure servants -  and you can perhaps create your life with your own input of energy, but only, if you know the background and the objective of, what is happening in and around you. I hope I have given you a small contribution to your understanding of some of the mental and material deciding conditions. Some people are informed from the beginning of their life; they are called the rulers. But never mind, when they know that you know, then things happens in no conflict, and often through a transparent wall that nobody dare to break down, and this order permits no disintegration by any power in the world that you have to fear.

The strongest of all is love.


If you accept to ask, to answer, and to act inside the given frames your argumentation and freedom to act as a rule are already weak confronted with the systematically will of the rulers.Don’t mix in the way the world is turning, you shall very soon feel among other things the law of gravity.



Henrik should in his school-days (in the mid 1960s) write a Danish essay at the new, large central school.

The Miss gave them this subject to write about:

The religion in our days?

Henrik wrote the following essay:

'We have the evil and the good, and then we have those from Loegeskov[8].

Choose yourself' (unquote).

And he did not wrote more than that.

For the good order I must tell that Henrik without knowing any of the fine words of the time, neither those of this time nor those of today, was neither unfree in relation to his piety nor politically correct, in the contrary. 


Soeren Kierkegaard gives in addition in 'The Aesthetical Stage', in the text 2-11: From "Either-Or" (1843), Part 1, the following little, significant reflection:


“That what philosophers are talking about the reality, is often as much disappointing, as when you in a second-hand shop read on a sign: Here is mangled. If you came with your clothes to get it mangled, then you had be taken in, for the sign is only for sale” (unquote).


The language as we have touched on only in connection with France in an short extract of Monica Papazy's Essay is atmost important to look at, and it is one entrance more to the same treason.

If we are being conscious beings, we have to be conscious of something. This follows of the fact that a language is a language about something. To refuse the problem of the language, in this sense, is to ignore the possibility of arguments that tell that something is meaningless or that something is meaningfully.    


Sigmund Freud, who exchanges the most with sexualism, I have not referred to. He is said to have been a little frightened of the long-term plan starting with Wilhelm Wundt's laboratory-experiments. He encouraged the matters for the Order in the short-term, on individual level.

A fraudulent, international monetary system has broken twenty-five years ago or from the beginning without many knowing what this might mean. We could live with nearly every monetary system, that draw the borderline for the material power and the influence of everybody truthfully, if the collapse had not been matched with the plan to bring our children and grandchildren into ignorance too, so they were erring, chaotic beings, who self-centered are cycling in the pedestrian crossing, against the traffic, and on footpaths dressed in helmet with a mobil telephone on each ear, “The Planets of the Apes”. The totalitarian thoughts may easily be planted in their heads without any problems on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wave. Money is important, but not the most important at all. Worth-Nihilism, “The Ring in your Nose”, “The Boot on your Foot” follows directly the dance around the Golden Calf and Exhibition-Humanism. Moses already realized this, when he gave his people the Ten Commandments. These rules were not ordinary civil rights or global human rights of the evil[9], after which the people should judge each other - in the version I learnt them as a child. The Ten Commandments were of God, Moses told, and in respect of these Ten Commandments every human being should live her life, even if it was not possible.

The truth is (that,) what you believe in(?)


"Give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding" - Mayer Amschel Rothschild - (Illuminati)



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[1] “Danish Concentrations-Camps”, they call these new markets here.

[2] But EU makes totally more acts of rights concerning Denmark, than the totally amount of new laws in Denmark, following Lecturer in EU-Justice Karsten Engsig Soerensen, Institute of Justice, the College of Commerce, Aarhus. In 1997 until the end of May they planed to pass 111 new laws in Folketinget. 

[3] A smaller number of citizens in North Europe is not a problem.

[4] Compare the article of Jacob Andersen above.

[5] Compare the Bilderberg Group above.

[6] That ideologies have had their starting point in the systems of ideas by Hegel and by Platon a.o. can definitely not be refused. But it is very faulty to disregard the general influence of the thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment. Especailly the effect on the emerge of the idea about a community of the world starting with the Socialistic Internationale in the 1840s. That is what is done e.g. in the book signed by Henry Morgenthau Junior (the former American Minister of Finance) but written by Harry Dexter White just after World War II. “Theological considerations”, as even Keynes called these similiar reactions after the World War I. "They, who sign the Ver-sailles Treaty will sign the death sentence to many millions of men, women and children", J. M. Keynes wrote on page 147 in his “The Economics Consequences Of The Peace”. He was thinking of Germans.

To ignore communism at the same time he proposes that Germany is transformed to an agriculture-state can not     be ascribed to wise American thinking. Other explanation certainly are needed.

Germany could supply about 40 mill. with foodstuffs, when Germany was an agriculture nation, John M. Keynes wrote in “The Economic Consequences Of The Peace” December 12th 1919. So early in the industrial development it would have had the consequence that about 15 mill. have had to try to emigrate from Germany, Keynes wrote. Keynes goes also through the pure possibilities that such an emigration-project might have succeded. An accept of the consequences of a similiar arrangement after the World War II, as proposed by Morgenthau, has to build entirely on treason against the peoples of Europe.


[7] "It is important to concentrate on, what we might be expected to be occupied of around the clock. An im-portant segment of the market probably must be found here".

[8] A small collection of country houses to the north-west of Stenstrup where I was born.

[9] Oh say, misunderstandings of what is good. These wise men and women should ask themselves or ask boys like Henrik.