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Chapter 4

The final breakdown followed by

The New World Order that is old


The agreement in Bretton Woods, New England, should shape the frame of the international monetary system for 25 years. New England was characterized by strictness, integrity and discipline. The Bretton-Woods-Agreement had in itself the embryo to breakdown, somebody would say.

Very few would say that it was doomed to ruin from the start.

I assert with this to have proved that the Bretton Woods Agreement was doomed to fall from the outset, and at the beginning in 1944.

John Maynard Keynes certainly acknowledged the one-world-order. He was however not of the opinion that this plan advantageously should be hidden from the public.[1]


Some fateful changes of arrangements began at a IMF-meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1967.

USA left the gold in 1971, and it was followed up in Kingston, Jamaica, 1976.

[New England was characterized by strictness, integrity and discipline.]

In June 1992 they visited Rio again under a title that always is very cryptic and allembracing, 'Environment and Development'


What were the weaknesses, the ticking bomb, as you wish, in the system up till this point?

How were the weaknesses utilized by displacing the tasks of IMF away from the originally agreeded?[2] Mr. Robert Triffin had already in 1960 made attention to the fact that the dollar was the only currency of reserve, and the constant price on gold, $35 an ounce, he wrote, would lead to a collapse sooner or later. Regardless the identified trust in dollars in the period of reconstruction after World War II, it had to go wrong[3]. If you assumed for example that USA got more good order in its economy, eventually was arranged with a national economy, and as a matter of that fact got rid of both the deficit on the balance of payment, and the deficit on public finances, it would result in the return of an enormous amount of dollars that would “…let the rest of the world without the needed liquidity”, Triffin wrote(?). If USA has surplus instead of deficit in the trade with foreign countries, USA demands dollars that then will flow home, if they are not mopped up from other places. Yes, Mr. Triffin meant that even if the sheer madness with a superheated dollar could continue still for a while, there had to be limits to the trust to a nearly unlimited amount of dollars combined with a constant dollar-price measured in gold[4]. The real price of the reconstruction had until then been near zero, because only when money returns and demands goods, it becomes more than trust, or security and paper[5]. So simple is that.

That means, it would go wrong under any circumstances, Triffin mentioned, when the whole world was building on a currency, which country created inflation, and all other countries not alone 'inked' their own currency in the green of that dollar at same time, but also let the national note issue go on ungovernable day and night.


Liquidity was/is absolutely no problem, no serious need - regardless of Mr. Triffin - but surplus-giving production and trust was/is much more difficult to find as the profit-rate from kapital invested in production cannot compete with the interest

earning from private capital, when the madness continues. What a discovery? Who will induce himself to get up in the morning, when it pays much better to stay in bed and clip coupons or just solve the crosswords. The world should be like that.


Supplementary it must be mentioned that the inflation-creating nation is of course USA, an USA which had to go to so many redundant wars[6]. An USA with a so-called national bank that was privatized (read about it in next section). In addition there is another version of its history, which is very interesting, when you seek the explanations to what happens now.

You see, Triffin's considerations about USA can be expound with a greater content of precision.

The dollar was as good as abolished from 1971 to 1973, and that this would happen was known by all skilled of that field before 1960. The so-called fraudulent and planned amendment to The American Constitution - known by a great deal of the Americans - would abolish the US-dollar for sure. This plan has its own history, but only these few supplementary facts from quite another angle.


Council of Foreign Relations (C.F.R.)

Was established in 1919, known in America under names like 'the ‘Established Society', 'the Invisible Government', 'Rockefeller's Department of Foreign Relations'.

C.F.R. took the initiative to U.N., and Rockefeller granted the site at which the UN-building in New York was built. C.F.R.'s first noble tasks were to make the monetary finances of USA private via the Federal Reserve System in USA, and to control the media- and movieproduction. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson was put in by the Prince of Finances Jacob Schiff (son of the house of Rothschild in Frankfurt, Germany). Jacob Schiff married a daugther of Loeb from Kuhn & Loeb, bought Kuhn out and then contributed to 'Company' in Kuhn, Loeb and Company. J. Schiff and Senator Nelson Aldrige got with President Wilson some fatal amendments to The Constitution passed on December 22nd 1913. Amendments that made it possible for a very few (13 families and their agents) to control and manage the economy of USA under all circumstances, notice some few outside the circle of those legally and democratic elected. In the future those few were to be selected instead from the planned self-supplementary C.F.R.-masonry that was on the drawingtable then, and should be used after World War I. At the same occurrence the foundation stone was laid to the galaxy-large taxfree, so-called humanitarian foundations. They were the foundations of the multitrillionaires. The plan was made in the Hunting Club on Jekyl Island in Georgia in fall of 1908. At this time they had a new-elected President William Howard Taft. He was a lawyer and a judge, and they knew for sure he would veto such a passing in the Congress. Therefore they had to wait till the more unscrupulous, internationalistic and weak Woodrow Wilson, who was expected to be elected in 1912. When I indicate Wilson as weak, it does not mean that he did not do well in his political marketing.

The clear, specific, concise Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5 in the US-Constitution was with this amendment of December 22nd 1913 suspended. They had via the agenda got the passing placed in this late hour two days before Christmas. More of the members of The Congress had gone on Christmas holidays, and few did actually understand the consequences of this 16th amendment to the American Constitution. It was not the last fateful amendment to the Constitution. The Federal Income Tax should have been accepted by thirtysix states to come lawfully into action, only two agreed. But it was introduced in spite of this fact. You can read about it in the well-documentated 'The Federal Reserve Conspiracy' written by Eustace Mullens. This publication is also a little difficult to find at the public libraries in Denmark. Another contribution is ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island – A Second look at the Federal Reserve’, January 2000.

The interests of President Wilson and the Establishment (or the Fraternity) about US-engagement in World War I can not be of no interest to an truth-seeking  individual[7].

When the great humanitarian Woodrow Wilson did his campaign for his re-election in 1916, his primary slogan was, "Re-elect the man that will keep your sons out of the war". The Republican Party officially accused Wilson in the press long before that he had agreed to throw the Americans into the war. After his re-election in 1916 he turned 180 degrees, and threw USA into the war in 1917. He used the sinking of Lusitania, one of the British Cunard-lines' biggest and quickest passenger-steamer-ships - in the regular service Liverpool-New York. May 7th 1915 it was torpedoed by a German U-boat along the south-coast of Ireland. About 1500 people - among those women and children - perished. This awful outrage created a zealous diplomatic exchange of notes between USA and Germany, because there were a lot of Americans among the perished. Germany had promised for sure not to torpedo passenger-ships. The chief on the torpedoing U-boat was Captain-Lieutenant Schwieger. He perished later on, when his U-boat was wrecked. Regardless this awful occurrence fitted as a mean to stir up the people of USA..

In 1941 USA got directly involved in World War II, also by some kind of catastrophe - "something entirely unexpected" - that lacks a reasonable explanation. The great humanitarian F. D. Roosevelt too - exactly like Wilson in 1916 - had promising said, when he sought re-election for the third time (it was possible at that time) in 1940, "I say again and again and again that I shall never send American boys to fight on foreign soil". Roosevelt’s son in law Curtis Dall, who was an officer in the US-Navy stationed in the Pacific told in his book: "My exploited father in law Franklin Delano Roosevelt",  that it was a arrangement planned between Tokyo and Washington to get the American people to accept USA to enter Worldwar II. Now we have the War Against Terror…


David Icke shows in his book '...And the truth shall set you free' that Lusitania carried military supplies to the British too.


Back to the greater lines again...

There was a problem with the Tsar of Russia, who was not, and would not be in for it with a big national debt to encourage The New World Order, The League of Nations after the chaos of World War I. In 1912 the Zionists and the freemasons-circles had help Thomas Woodrow Wilson to power in USA. As President he worked diligent to get rid of the Russian Tsar. A defamation-campagne was put in action without much effect. But Russia had borrowed a big (but not overwhelming) sum of money to get ready for the war (WWI). This meant that the country was especially vulnerable. According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn the High Finance made the Russian government an ultimatum: The Jews in Russia should be allowed to make business as Jews. All credit was suspended immediately. Without credits Russia could no longer finance the war. Minister of Foreign Affaires Segei Sazonov confirmed that the Allies could not help Russia either, as they also were strongly dependent of the financial elite. (A. Solzehenitsyn, 'Collected Writing', Paris, 1984, Vol.13, pp-263-267).

The other European nations had been 'put on the rails' already at the Congress of Vienna from September 1814 to June 1815 after the Napoleonic Wars[8] (read more about that below). Norway tried with Crown Prince Christian Frederik of Denmark, and the constituent assembly of Norway on Eidsvold May 10th to 17th 1814 to alter the decisions of the Kieler-Peace[9] to the prejudice of the great-power-dreams of Carl Johan (Napoleons' Bernadotte) together with Count Wedel-Jarlsberg of Norway.

The independence of Denmark, and especially the alliance of King Frederik VI of Denmark, his too late change of alliance, and perhaps the Crown Prince's lacking sense of plot led Norway into union with Sweden. Everything was determined by August 14th 1814, .... and the fine establishment with the leading figure Fyrst Metternich and the girls touched glasses with champagne in Vienna.

Seldom things are as they officially is being reported

Lenin and (den amerikanske præsident fra 1912) Wilson had thing in common. The both died from syphilis in 1924. They they both unlimited unscrupulous, and they were both ruled by the international elite. In 1912 the zionist and circles of freemasonry had helped Thomas Woodrow Wilson to power in USA. As President he worked diligent to get rid of the Russian Tsar. A campagne of slander was started

witghout any effects.

On the other hand Russia borrowed a big amount of money to get ready to go into the worldwar (I). That meant the country became vunerable. Following Alexander Solsjenitsyn the International High finance made the russian government an ultimatum:

Jews in Russia should be allowed to make trade as Jews. All credit was immidiately suspended then. Without this credit Russia could no longer finance the war. Minister of Foreign Affaires Segei Sazonov confirmed that the Aliied could not help Russia as they were dependent of the financial elite (mine: themselves) (A. Solsjenitsyn, “Collected Writing”, Paris 1984, Vol. 13, pp 263-267).

Freemason Winston Churchill emphasized that if USA did not went into WWI there had to be made peace between England and Germany already in 1916, because the war was meaningless, and then the Russian Tsar would not be removed, but you shall soon see that there was at least two caused to continue the war, when we look from the top in USA and also concentrate on another power circle.

Without more war the Bolsheviks would not gain the power in Russia. (Social Justic Magazin , no.3, Juli 1st 1939).

Billions was earned on the WWI, but it was not enough, a more secured and future enormous source of earnings was required, and the Russian oil production increasing dramatically in the beginning of 1900s, and it becoming a competitive factor to the almost oil monoply in USA own by a multi-billionaire.

After USA had entered the war England made the Balfour Declaration to secure establishment of an Israel in Palestine. This was obvious the price for an 180 degrees shift in USA's foreign policy – appa-rently - a shift that also implied a fresh outbreak of WWI with USA's participation.

The interest of the international elite allways plays the leading role. So in 1915 a special society was established in New York. Its objective was to coordinate the help to Lenin’s Bolsheviks. The Chief-

organizers  was Rockefeller, Morgan and among others National City Bank of which Frank Wanderlip was the President. They did made this special effort because they had a special preference of the ideo-logy Communism – as it was called later on as mentioned from spring 1918. This nonsense of ideology has never been of any interest to such people. They know better, like you also will do, when you have read this book. Their choise of regime was dedided basicly on the knowledge that such a system of ruling was better suited to their objective, dominance of the world. You might think that international Communism perhaps should frighten thos people. Not the slightest. Do not campare with your ima-gination that properly has been created in order to make scared.

In the end they financed the take over of the Bolsheviks entirely to control them.Kuhn, Loeb & Co

contributed later on via their German lines the take over of Trotsky in Russia in the fall of 1917 with $20 mill. Four years later the more than five times as much money was paid back (compare New York

Times, August 23th 1921). Right after the Revolution the men of finances infiltrated the Soviet Union.

They sent several agants to Russia and let be lead by Trotsky that meant they they took over all the leading posts of government. After the Revolution the production of petrol was decreased drastically, and Standard Oil – later Exxon – own by Rockefeller, kept its leading position on the world market.

In 1926 Rockefeller and other companies under his control made an agreement with Soviet Union to let the big companies sell Russian oil on the european markets, and on the other hand to yield Russia a laon of $75 mill. The year after their secret American partners built a oil refinery in the Soviet Union. This pushed the economic development in the Soviet economy. Finally it meant that all the involved in the plot to remove the Tsar earned fortunes on the suffering of the Russian people. Russia was really pretty close to develop to a strong industrial nation in the years before the Revolution.

So they had to hurry.

In the period 1924-1925 Lenin’s murdering was being replaced by thise of Stalin, who in the Western world  became known especially for his externation of the farmers and smallholders under the collectivization, the extermination processes and the terror every where turned against God knows who in the Soviet Union, and most of the time because someboby had to take the full responsibility for the

eternal failures of the Communistic system or because Stalin saw spys everywhere. Who of three dicta-tors that was worst according to murdering and human suffering is difficult to decide. There was built glorifying myths of both Lwenin, Trotsky and Stalin, and the followers of the West believed in them

without knowing anything what so ever about the realities. We human bings often are so, when we do not know better. It is as if nobody wants to know anything anymore, and I shal try to show you the reason why below.

All in all on third of the population of the Soviet Union was murdered and uncounted millions ended their days in the camps of Gulag[10].

The lies about three are unnumnered and selfproduced. About Trotsky it can be recommended to read among other the historian Kristian Gerner’s feature article “Russsian Revolution”, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden September 6th 1998.

Not just the ordinary farmers suffered, there were most farmers and smallholders. The visible power

administrators started with the intelligensia. Later on they murdered nearly anyone around themselves in a fixed blood intoxication. In 1929, just after the removal of Trotsky, Stalin startedto prosecute Trotskists all over the Communist cadre. A lot of them were Jews, and they were as mantioned folllowed with the American and German[11] investments in the Soviet Union. From 1928-1934 the compulsive collectivation was carried through in the Russian country, where unnumbered millions were externated. The real interest of Stalin to remove the Jews from influential posts started about 1947 – relatively later in in his carriere as he was murdered by poison in 1953, properly because his murdering and persecution. In 1938 the most of the old leaders from the time of the Revolution, generals and politicians with direct connection to the Bolshevik Revolutions were found guity in treason and espio-nage, and they were also executed.

Stalin was a most peculiar man. He sat in the morning and smoked Turkish cigarettes while signed the deathlist. When he felt sure of a man close to him he murdered, properly because he himself felt that

he had weak judgement. On the other hans he undervalued his opposers, and believed in Hitler.

To those of you that think that a socialistic or what is the same a Communistic state or even a war have to be built by or caused by the lower classes is just to say: You have not understood the concept power. The lower classes are cheeted everytime. What is need is scupulous leaders with an international out-look to secure the succes.

At the beginning of WWI Trotsky still lived in New York, Lenin lived in Switzerland. Trotsky walk in and out at the Finance Furst Jacob Schiff (later on a member of the C.F.R.) in the evening hour.  Suddenly Mars 27th 1917 Trotsky left New York with 275 well-trained international terrorists and adventures on the ship S. S. Kristianiafjord with $20 mill. in gold to finance the Russian Revolution[12].      

 The Canadian authorities captured the ship April 3rd when it arrrived at Hallifax, nova Scotia. They found $10,000 (or 1 mill. today) on Trotsky personally, so he was arrested together with his wife and their two cildren. The actually cause was that a telegram from london had been sent Mars 29th 1917. It told that Bronstein- Trotsky and his socialist friends plus some exchange speculators were on their way to Russia to begin a Revolution. Trotsky mantained that the money found on him, originated from Germany. The Canadian took him for a collabrator on the German side. They should have known bet-ter. Regardless Trotsky’s American pasport the Canadians refused to release to him, because they knew him very well, and knew, where he was bound for – the telegram unveiled this.

At this time Canada, USA and the Tsar-Russia was in was with Germany. The Revolution was against the common political interests in USA and Canada, because its succes would Lenin able to make a peace-agreement with Germany that is this way then could use all its power to go aganst the West. Under pressure from Woodrow Wilson as the man of the conspirators Trotsky was released never-theless five days later. The Canadians excused that they had interupt Trotsky’s travel. Later everything was done to hide the fact for the Canadian public (especially after 1919), because the authorities knew they had extended the WWI with year by releasing Trotsky. All documents that show, what happened has now been released by the national Canadian archives.

One of the founders of C.F.R., prince of finances Paul Warburg, participated in the financing of the propaganda and the assumption of power of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Hitler[13]. Lenin was preparing a party for the top of the Party that he wanted to gather in his luxurious exile in Switzerland, when Trotsky ‘s destination was well secured. At that party high financier Max Warburg (also the chief of the secret police in Germany, Paul Warburg's brother, financier in Hamburg and a good fiend of Reich-bankpresident Hjalmar H. G. Schacht later on) and Colonel E. Mandel House were present. The last mentioned was the special-adviser, and the pet of the American president Woodrow Wilson, and he was his special confidential messenger too. Notice that USA caused by the war had broken all official connections to the Emperor's Germany, and was allied with the Tsar's Russia. Max Warburg should secure the transportation for the leaders (Lenin plus 32 more) of the revolution through Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland to Russia without the official knowledge of the German government. Max Warburg was a former big financier in Hamburg (Germany) with a seat in the German Reichbank’s Presidium and later on a good friend of Hjalmar Horace Greely Schacht, who became the President of the German Reichbank in 1924 

Mortimer Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Max Warburg, Jerome Hanauer, Alfred Mildner and copper-family Guggenheim financed the Bolsheviks, compare with the historian David Shub.

In the archives in US State Departement (document 861.00/5339) confirms that two names more have to be mentioned in this connection, Max breitung and Isaac Seligmen. According to the same document, plans had been made to remove the Tsar in February 1916.

As you see there is allway people who earn money on wars and revolutions. You must never forget that, when you try to understand the history. The New York Harald Tribune wrote: “ It looks like the Bolshevik

Revolution in Russia in reality is an enormous financial operation, which objective is to tranfer control with enormous amounts of money from russia to European and american banks”.

“The Max Warburg played a central role in the fund-financing of the propaganda of the Communists in Russia. He manged to get industry-owner Hugo Stinnes to accept to give rubles 2 mill. to the Bolsheviks’ propaganda-activities August 12th 1916” (according to Jüri Lina’s book, “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”, Stockholm, Sweden, 1994, page 152 that refers to Zerman in “Germany and the Revolution in Russia, 1915-18”. Documents from the archives in the German Ministry of Foreign Affaires, London, 1958, page 92).

French historians (1996/97) exposed and proved via the Soviet annals a secret agreement between Lenin and the German Emperor:

If Lenin got the revolution effectuated, the German troops should leave the East Front, only if Lenin's revolution failed, the war on this front should continue.

Perhaps you have heard of the Stalin’s treatement of his own faithful soldiers, when they returned home after having been priosners of war in the West after the the war. He offered all of them safe passage., and he killed most of them, presumable because they should not be able to telle the neigbours that even in wartime the West was “lightyears” from the Soviet Union concerning effectful arrangement of the society.

Acccording to Jüri Lina in his mentioned book a few line above the following was meant to be helt secret:

“The Soviet Union tempted 100,000 Americans to take to Russsia” – mine: just like the Danish govern-ment tempted the Danish unemployed to go to Nazi-Germany to work.

They were made Soviet citizens against their will. Some of them who began to make protest and critisize Communism even ended in the camps of prisons. This to telle how concerned the power brokers were not to let the american public get detailed information about the matters in the Communist “Paradise”. 60,000

Germans workers also went to Stalin’s regime.”

“There was in this way designed unnumbered projects in building of a false frontier against Communism. The international finance-elite (Kuhn, loeb & Co, Morgan, Rockefeller, the Warbergs, Dillon, Cyrus Eaton, David Kendall and others who took good care of the Bolsheviks, helped Adolph Hitler to power.” (Mine: among others Charles Higham’s “Trading with the Enemy”, New york, 1993, documents this perfectly, and even with some kind of sanction of the US Government in the preface. Try:



The quotation from “Under the sign of the Scorpion”, by the Estonian author Jüri Lina, living in Stock-holm, Sweden:

“It is a myth that the capitalists did not know what they did. They knew excellent why they helped all possible political bandits. (Mine: To control them, and to earned money from their ideological collapse.) Stalin and Hitler had for a long time common interests of business, because they prepared an exter-mination of each other. Those two trusted apparantly  - especially Stalin – almost nobody, but Stalin trusted Hitler.” (My illustration with just one example: He could not be made believe in the attacks of Nazi-Germany on the Soviet Union until nearly a day and a night had gone).


Some maintain that the Tsar’s grandfather got his death-sentence at Vienna Congress 1814-1815 cause by his unwillingness to do what he was told. 

After Fürst Metternich’s retirement from (among other things for the Emperor of Austria and particularly for the international summit) the worked with the Vienna Congress, and its dividing up of the indebted European states, he wrote: “At last they will remove freedom in the name of freedom.”


The pressure that the Russians and perhaps especially the baltics[14]can put on their surroundings today just by exposing the truth is perhaps unforeseeable. All the mentioned monetary-planners and the ministers on the American side in this reading were members of C.F.R. More C.F.R.-founders financed these socialism revolutions in both Germany and Russia[15]. To read some quotations of a few of the founders: http://



State-financier number one

A few extracts from “The Rothschilds” by Ignaz Balla, translated to Danish by Carl Behrens (published by V. Pios Bookstore, 1914).


These extracts (a few more in Chapter 6) are hereby retranslated to English of what I ask for an excuse. I did not have and could not find the English original anywhere: 

“…It happened in the year 1785,  in which the Country Count (of Hanau, Wilhelm IX, the later Court Prince Wilhelm I of Hessen) accended the throne in his little empire. The business connection with Rothschild remained yet undeciding for a long time, his whole business, the service of the Cour Prince limited to leverances of old coins and to honour small bills of London that the Court Prince like his father received from the government of the islands Kingdom for the leverance of soldiers.” [16] 

“Every German Prince could have an army then, and this unrrestricted right of highness lead to the most selfish barter with souls. already Country Count Karl of Hessen, one of Wilhelms IX’s ancesters, had begun this usury with human meat and in this way increase his fortune with almost twelve millions thaler. his grandson Friedrich II had his “wise” ancester’s (mine: Friedrich den Weise, who hide Martin Luther for the Emperor[17]) tracs, and has also driven a most profitable business. After his dead Wilhelm IX did not rejected this kind of money earning either, and already in the second year of his government he made an agreement with England about a leverance of 12,000 men. He got for those 675,000 thaler paid on the spot that he could add to the 22 millions thaler that his “glorious” predescessor had stuck to his pocket for those sold subjects to the American colonies.”

These enormous sums by which the young Country Count and later Prince Wilhelm became one of his time most rich Princes, he also made the indirect reason to the Rothschild’s beginning. In less than half a century they became Europe’s sixth greatest power..”



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[1] Mentioned in Anthony Sampson's: “The Hidden Power”. Anthony Sampson was a secretary in the (Willy) Brandt-Commission.

[2] Read Appendix about proposals to a international monetary system.

[3] A constant price (1/35 once gold) on 1 dollar, which amount is increasing nearly unlimited, is of course unstable. You do not have to be an economist to realize this.

[4] In the beginning the dollar created the possibility for the reconstruction in the postwar period in Europe by being the needed security, when nearly every other security and trust had been destroyed or left Europe.

[5] The cost of paper, print and distribution.

[6] After World War II and after the establishment of the peace-keeping UN till 1996 there has been more than 100 wars and military conflicts on this globe.

[7] I want to show, what was done to turn the opinion, I do not intended to try to explain neither why the war started nor the rivalry between the top in Germany and Britain, the unfree trade- and industrial competition on the Continent, the competition on the seas and in the colonies, and at last on the land in Europe too. It was most of all financed by national debt. The German production of steel , which was concentrated in the Ruhr Districht, increased 12 times in the period 1880-1913. In the same period the German part of the world trade increased from 17 to 22 percent, while the British fell from 38 to 27 percent. The national debt in Germany was doubled from 1900 to 1910. Under the second increase of “the (German) Marine” income and fortune-taxation were introduced in 1913 for the first time in the history of Germany. At the outbroke of the first world war the German steel production amounted 3 times the British.


[8] Europe had been ruined, bankructed states and people. It was impossible to plunder more by taxation. The peoples were represented by the Princes with magnificence at The Vienna Congress. The Princes did not harmonize to their needy peoples. Bankructcy everywhere, deflation crisis and revolutinary violence. In Denmark a devaluation of 90% in 1813.

[9] A separate peace before the Congress of Vienna.

[10] Compare with the author Vladimir Soloukin in the period Ognoyok, December, 1999.

[11] That we turn to below.

[12] Confirmed by Jacob Schiff’s granschild John Schiff in an interview with Charlie Knick-Bocker employed by the Hearst concern. Congressional Record under the number hj8714.U5 specifies precisely in which way $100 mill. for the same objective was used by the american government. The financial assistance to the Russsian is also documented in Congressional Record, September 2nd 1919.

[13] 'The three big ones' in Germany, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Kommerz Bank were already in 1930 involved in securing Hitlers's getting to power.

[14] The Estonian writer Jüri Lina has already made several contribution. Among others he published the book ’Under the sign of the scorpion’, Stockholm, 1994 and 1998.

[15] You can read about this in The New York Journal-American, February the 3th 1949.

[16] My footnote: You caught young men and tramps from the lower classes on the European continent, promised them ”gold and green woods” ans send them to war in America to secure the power of England over the colonies via the English system of monetary and sepculation that we went through in the foot-note about Wall Street  above.

[17] My foot-note: So he could translate the the New Testament to German.