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Chapter 5

Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars,

and EURO is not Krones


Back to the semi-official version of the way of the world.

The trust in the dollar had disappeared. But the blame must be taken. “Responsible money-makers”? Back to the gold? In 1971 USA gave up to redeem dollars with gold. There is, you see, only the confidence, and it can be lost, when weak, power-greedy governments in their craving to survive accelerate the amount of currency-notes, and give us inflation, unstability, mass unemployment and national debt as the only final results in the long run. It must be pointed out, and must not be forgotten that 25 years with the US$ as the precondition of the victory of the allied, the reconstruction of friends and also earlier enemies after World War II, and at the same time stable growth for a longer period than the world has ever seen. It is not little. Confidence and production was needed, when a lot was smashed up in Europe. But as you will see, it was not the whole truth, not the truth alone and nothing but the truth.


Which war are we talking about. The plans and the international monetary system before World War I, the plans made in World War II or plan of the Euro-state. The planned stringency of speaking nonsense is really admirable, and it is especially admirable that it has not been unmasked until thirty years has gone. A little more than one generation[1]. 

I request the reader to look carefully at an one dollar note. The one issued by Roosevelt in 1933. Regard it carefully in the light of what I have told here (more about this below).

Keynes and White (=Weiss) died both of them in obscurity, and they were disappointed. Weiss was interrogated for Communism-likes by Russel A. Nixon, a young, dependent lawyer. White was a member of C.F.R.[2]. This lawyer was not the one who became President later on in USA, and the one who appa-rently abolished the dollar, Richard Millhouse Nixon.

On this background you may say that is quite a performance, especially if you take into account that the plan from the beginning has been to put the dollar and the gold out. That everything in the scenario has been made topical from 1971 to 1999 must not surprise. A new system has been planned, and besides the primary tasks are running very well, national indebting, and the suppression of the nations through wars to One-World-Dictatorship. In Europe they hope to continue with one country instead of 15-16 perhaps many more selfdeciding nations.


D. Roosevelt/Henry Morgenthau-understanding of the gold that was (as may understand)  the understanding of Keynes: Gold is a relic from a barbarian era, they wrote. The fact that the dollar and the gold from the start of the Bretton Woods Agreement were connected via the constant price on gold in dollars was fatally[3]. There had been cautioned against it. I am apt to agree, but on a rather different basis, and with quite another argument. The word barbarism is sounding very nasty, when it is coming from an organ of the Messrs Keynes, especially Morgenthau and Roosevelt. If you read, what the leading man, Lord John Maynard  Keynes wrote about inflation just after the World War I [4] [5], you will see a real supplement to the barbarism-understanding (refered to above):


"There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose". (unquote).


You grow older and perhaps you grow more placable too [6].

Some personal weaknesses might have given the needed results in the case, Keynes.

You see, this was the new World Order of the past. It is the newest World Order too.


Before and now the same. This Order shall not be discussed in an even so-called democratic way.

President Bush Senior introduced the expression “New World Order” under the Golfwar. We have been searching a telephonenumber or an address to contact in order to learn more of what in going on. 


However EU is in the soup. EU will rise or fall with compulsory exchange or a military union. None of these arrangements are especially popular among the peoples of Europe. Only the people in Scandinavia are asked through more or less binding referendums until now, but not before people have been thorough manipulated by the media. Tony Blair has also promised the Englishmen a referendum on this subject, but promise was under cretain condition of which is able to manipulate himself, and the voters doubt he will keep his promise if the Danes vote yes, they told us. The Danes voted NO to Euro September 28th 2000.

If EURO fails, the development of the Western Union have to be speeded up, if the project shall not fall.


The interference in Ex-Yugoslavia was exactly an attempt to get a new military instrument tested in spite of the unofficial conflicting foreign policy among the EU-nations. The sanctions against Austria februar 2000 was a tast of the following Nice Treaty to be decided already december 2000. EEC/EU should not make foreign policy at all and especially not start wars.(?)

On issue constitutional rights or the popularized so-called human rights we have extracts from the Committee of European Paliament, read chapter 12:

Repite the words of Fürst Metternich about 1820 (mentioned above). 


The Trilateral Commission (TC)

The international, superior and half-secret agency that first will well-knit the world in three non-democratic blocs so that it can be brought to a the conclusion with the celebration of The New World Order after the blocs USA, EU and Asia has been totally coordinated. TC consists of 300 powerful members from 14 countries in 3 departments. It was established in 1973 by the Council on Foreign Relations (read about C.F.R. above), in which the biggest financiers and industrial magnates of the world are members. C.F.R. made R. M. Nixon, J. Carter, G. Bush, B. Clinton, and most of the others since 1919 to presidents of USA., and it admitted Z. Brzezinski as member (mentioned above, read more below). TC had a secret meeting in Copenhagen April 23 th 1995 (read below: 'Private Top Meeting'). Four of the executing powers in TC are besides the founder David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Z. Brzezinski, who is a Herbert Lehman professor of political science at Columbia University, and David Owen, who in 1984 was a member of the English Parliament, and the leader of The Social Democratic Party, former Minister of Foreign Affaires for Labour[7]. In the 1984-publication, 'Trilateral Commission Task Force Report, number 28, Democracy must work' is written on page 72 in the conclusion:

"Short of a benevolent world dictatorship bent on reform, we must work within the bounds of an ineffective, adolescent international system, with all the pains, crises and irrationality, which adolescence dictates".

You can read on page 84 the exact recipe for the economic- and labormarket-policy under crises, as we continuously had it in Denmark from the mid eighties, and we still have it. You can read what was/is done all over Europe regardless to the color of the governments. From here changing Danish Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Economy also got/still get the philosophers' stone by frequent consultations, for example on OECD-meetings and EU-weekend-consultations. I can men-tion that former Chairman of The Commission of EEC/ EU - now a Bilderberger - Jacques Delors is very fond of the Danish 'on leave – camouflage' [8]. He invites it welcome in EU, compare EU-ROPE no. 9 1996 from The Commission of EU.

According to an information sheet supplied to the responsible of by the TC, dated March 23, 1994:

Zbigniew Brzezinski showed how serious TC ambitions were in the July 1973 Foreign Affairs, stating that ‘without closer American-European-Japanese cooperation the major problems of today cannot be effectively tackled, and ... the active promotion of such trilateral cooperation must now become the central priority of US policy.’ (Emphasis in the ordinal.)

The best way to effect this would be for a Trilateralist to soon become President. One did." (Jimmy Carter.)

... In 1973, Carter dined with the CFR chairman (David Rockefeller) at the latter’s Tarrytown, New York estate. Present was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was helping Rockefeller screen prospects for the Trilateral Commission. Brzezinski later told Peter Pringle of the London Sunday Times that ‘we were impressed that Carter had opened up trade offices for the state of Georgia in Brussels, and Tokyo. That seemed to fit perfectly into the concept of the Trilateral.’ Carter became a founding member of the (Trilateral) Commission - and his destiny became calculable.

They hold annual secret meetings including only members, and very select guests.

The full Commission gathers once each year: In Libon in 1992, in Washington in 1993, in Tokyo in 1994, in Copenhagen, Denmark 1995. In the end of this book we have some extracts from an article refering the meeting in Copenhagen.


A little useful piece of the newer history

Zbigniew Brzezinski[9] (Z.B.) points out in his book from 1970, 'Between Two Ages' his and Robert Baily's view on the changing of the European time-spirit:

"We shall from today live through a phase of time with the following aspects, 1st There is no  progress, 2nd  Social evolution is cyclical, 3rd  Western civilization is in a period of disintegration and decline, 4th Man is non-rational or irrational, 5th Society is composed of masses who, being nonrational and easily influenced, shall reduce mankind to mediocrity, 6th Scientific truth and knowledge may be harmful for society, 7th  Myth and superstition can be beneficial, 8th  A society is composed always of conflicting, 9th The society is ruled by the elite, 10th Democracy and humanitarian social values are unfortunately misundertakes that results in the rule of the uneducated masses. And he also adds that mankind has to live through the following phases in the long historical perspective, the phase with a religious clarification, the socialistic phase, then the era of the nations, and in the end the One-World-Society to crown the achievement".


Among others a publication with such ambitions resulted in the establishment of The Trilateral Commission. Z.B. was one of founders, and he was the director of it for the first three years till 1976. He was a former security-adviser for the Carter-administration . He has just (2000) published a book in which he forsee that Europa and Russia are going to be conquerored by the islamic world. What a nice thing. Bill Clinton has assured too that his puritanic Christianity together with the American Constitution fits perfectly to Islam. Puritanic is ‘a fine word’ especially in this connection.


You must understand that such books (mentioned above) is giving signals[10] or perhaps the book makes prophesies[11], so it is a little difficult the tell, if it is a plan, it is not clearly described in the book. Perhaps it is an inevitable destiny for the people or perhaps the process shall be created, simply be urged perhaps. You can not read it very exactly in his published book.


But it is fundamental the same melody that is sung all over in the ideological literature around UN with the manifold agencies of bureaucracy. It was indeed also played among others by authors like Bernard Shaw, Israel Cohen, Israel Zangwill and Jean-Paul Sartre, of which the three first mentioned established the declared socialistic-masonry Fabian Society. They were ancestors to SOS Racisme in France with Bernard Henri Lévy as a connecting link. Listen to the expressions from among others International Socialists and the Autonomes in Denmark. Their language is not at all the same, but the pyramid-management is actually rather plain[12]


The Bilderberg Group

Established May 29th to 31st 1954 in Hotel Bilderberg in Holland formaly by Prince Bernhard of Holland, but idea came from the Polish socialist Joseph Retinger, who had a high degree in the Swedish masonry. The objective is control of the world-economy. In the Bilderberggroup that is the secret world-government, is some of richest men and women of the world, included princes and princesses, top-leaders of the finance, the head-figures of politicians, of the industry, of the media and the press and other influential persons. Also Robert Schumann, Jean Monnet (the originators tors of EU) were members. Today Jacques Delors (former Chairman of the EU-Commission) is participant too.

The media do not mention The Bilderbergers, and the work of the group[13]. The objective is common economy for Europe and USA, free migration, free circulation and commodities (as free as possible with megamonopolies on all important areas), international police, international brigadearmy beginning with 100,000 men in 1996, and a World-Parliament.


I have to admit that the Bilderberg Group was not mentioned in the Danish media from 1966 to 18th of Mars 2000:


Showdown with secret power groups
By Jens Kerte
The Net version Saturday Mars 18th 2000

The Danish Newspaper Politiken:
Politiken Sunday:
Danish ministers and top civil servants must have a prohibition against participating in secret ma-sonic-like meeting, the Party List of Unity means. The Party List of Unity has proposed a bill of decision in the Danish Parlament. (quote) "In such secret meetings - as the meting of the Bilder-berg Group - the power brokers coordinate their views and cover up for each other", Frank Aaen from the Party List Of Unity means, and says :
"when it takes place in deepest secrecy it is a scandal that ministers at high level has participated with-out any democratic insight".(unquote)
More members of the EURO-Parlament and Folketinget (The Danish Parlament) insist on that the participation of Danish ministers and European Commissioners in high political discussions in the yearly, closed conferences of the private, so-called Bilderberg Group beeing brought to light.

Ritt and Uffe
For the last few years both the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of (the Party) Liberal Left Uffe Ellemann-Jensen and the former EU-Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard (the Social-democratic Par-ty) have participated in these two-days conferences, where the participants are instructed confi-dentiality. Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen (the Socialdemocratic Party) gives an answer to one of the written questions on this matter, .that there have never been any decision of the go-vernment about Bilderberg.
On this background among other things the Prime Minister says that he does not see any (quote) "basis to criticise, if Danish ministers have participated in the so-called Bilderberg Meetings." (unquote)
Several invited to the Bilderberg Meetings
Uffe Ellemann-Jensen has since 1984 been present at the confidential discussions of Bilderberg eight times the information of Politiken shows, while Ritt Bjerregaard participated as newly fled-ged EU-Commissioner Of Environment in 1995. All in all a dozen of Danish ministers have par-ticipated since the first meeting in 1954.
Neither Uffe Ellemann-Jensen nor Ritt Bjerregaard briefed the Tribunal Of Foreign Affairs or their Parlamentary Chiefs about their participation.

Unformal discussions
Their comments to Politiken is the following: (quote) "There was no need caused by the simple reason that there was no talk of that Denmark in any way was getting bound of the unformal debate", (unquote) says Uffe Ellemann-Jensen.
"I have not briefed anybody about my participation, because Bilderberg is a Think Tank that cannot make any decisions at all. There is no basis of being concerned about that people meet and talk to each other" (unquote), says Ritt Bjerregaard.
Seven of the present 20 EU-Commissioners have during the last few years been connected to Bil-derberg, and in the EURO-Parlament The Greens have been working for, that these relations now is broad to the public knowledge. The commisioners in question continuing deny to tell, what they have been discussing on the Bilderberg meetings.

The Bilderberg Meeting started in 1954 as a forum for secret political discussions between top-folks within Politics, Finances and Industry from the NATO-members. Original the idea on the private conferencesto discuss strategies against the international socialism. Among the origina-tors to the Bilderberg Group was Prince Bernard of Holland. POLITIKEN  (unquote)


This article posted at:

The most Bilderbergers are also members of C.F.R. David Rockefeller is a General Secretary in the inner-most circle. Danish politicians, a few in top of the industry and a few high placed media-people also figures on the lists of members and meeting participants.

You can read more in The Review of New York the 21st of January 1972 and in the American weekly newspaper The Spotlight.


The Leading Figure

The leading figure behind EU, one of its founders, Jean Monnet, was employed by the new Bank of America just like Elisha Walker, when Amadeo Gianinni, original owner of Bank Italy in California, with the new Bank-Law in the thirties should throw his bank into the fight with the dominating Wall-Street-banks as a speculative and investing bank.

Walker and Monnet tried by their disposals to displace A. Gianinni in 1930, when he officially was on holyday in Austria. They did not succeed, Gianinni returned, and with help from other shareholders he took his power in the Bank of Italy back again. He fired Monnet and Walker in 1932. Gianinni remained the leader of the bank for thirteen years thereafter[14].


The international establishment on the top of undemocratic managed UN, International Red Cross, IMF (International Monetary Foundation), The World Bank, the EU Commission and masonic-like C.F.R, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Round Table, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Club300 a.o. agencies have for a long time (in principle since May 1st. 1776) had a plan about a World Government.


"In the modern Europe is no room for homogeneous national states. It was an idea from 1800s, and we are going to carry it (multiculturalism) through in 2000s, and we are going to create multietnic states." General in NATO Wesley Clark, June 1999 on CNN.


In 1977 the British newspaper The Times described the Bilderberg Meeting with the words: "...a clique of the richest, the economical and political most powerful and influential figures in the West meeting secretely to plan events that later on just happens by chance". In Financial Times the column writer Lombard noticed: "If the Bilderberg Group is not a conspiration of some kind, it acts as a exceptional good imitation of one".


"The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavour is taking place, an important plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind" - Winston Churchill - (33 Degree Freemason)


Trilateral Commission has as mentioned above declared the task from 1973 here in the forth and last phase to gather the world in three non-democratic blocks:

The America Continents (via NAFTA), Europe, Africa and Russia (via EU) and Asia (under Japan). The condition for this is that it will succeed to remove the sovereignty an the identity of the obstinated human beings. This happens for example by giving a lot of cultural alien peoples free access to settle down and live permanently in the states of Europe.

In this way Europe shall first begin to look like USA that many Europeans in their unrealistic dreams created by the media succumb to flat on their face. In reality we deal with an America that also is coming to an end. The reason for this is multietnicity, criminality, and super-national indebtedness, of about $18,000 trillions (1995).[15] EU should not be too strong with a bankruct Russia if drifted away from US and NATO. So we get the immigrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

The American people or the voters are the responsible for this just as little as the Europeans are for the indebtedness of, and the immigration to the nations of Europe of about 20 million muslims in a period of less than 20 years. Who decides?


Two tactics or perhaps two strategies are matching

The Islamic World is parallel with this trying to realize the dream about a halal (or Islamics clean) world. It happens by starting migration, and at the same time finance the Western nations, especially the European Union by loans via the Club of Paris and Arabic own banks, for example Bank of Credit and Commerce International, till now in competition with the traditional international banks. First of these Western nations to be taken are the most opened and most vulnerable to the Islamic migration from the over-crowded, therefore pure, and therefore extremely unstable areas in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. The Islamic leaders of the U-countries also enjoy the Islamic Foundation of Development[16]. The migration from islamic enclave on the Balkans are the last shot across the bows and from the summer 1996 Kosovo-Albanians, from the former Soviet Union and continuous big crowds from Africa.[17]

Now we wait for more war in Macedonia, where the international power has already had added fuel to the flames.

The objects for the Western-dominated the most influential circle of persons of the international of association, and the objects for the islamic leaders are perhaps not the same in the long run however. For a while the means and some of the objects in both plans fit each other fine. This is being used by both parts. We are foreseen to be their slaves. This is a fight about power that have been fought since the year 711.

The income from the oil increased dramatically quick two time in the seventies. This and our weak, therefore powerhungry, therefore debtseeking professional politicians have only poured the extra needed petrol into the fire so that the master race could push itself forward[18].

None of the states in Europe are able to stop the madness by traditional political decisions, because all of the them (except for Norway, Luxembourg, and Switzerland) are net indebted up to the ears of their citizens, of their children and of their grandchildren.

There are nobody else to pay. The German national debt was about DM 2½ (Amr.) trillion(1995), of which only DM ½ trillion or 500 (Amr.) billions (1995) was caused by the Reunion of Germany or the fall of DDR, and the fall of the Soviet Union.


National indebtedness year after year secures weak, power-hungry politicians 'in visible power' for a longer time, when the constitutions do not prevent this effectively. Naturally it is the seeming power of our political leaders, for they are pure marionettes in the international game. Some of our best known politicians are completely conscious of these things, because they are members of two of the mentioned masonry-like organizations.


They will not learn from history, and we are not allowed to learn from it either. They are rewriting the history-books of Europe and an EU-dictionary is coming soon, while the debt of member-states, of EU itself, and the national debt of USA are still rising wilder every year.

Some of the leaders of the national-states try in their weak, powerlessness to well-knit the European Union, but the union is exactly in full accordance with both international plans. If it had not been, it would however not have been very much of use, when all the nations are indebted. All the leaders of the member-nations can indebt the peoples even more together with one single currency in 12 of 15 members-states in 2002. The consequences of Euro are listed partly in the next section, and a little more completely in the Appendix 2.


Looking at production and economy the most powerful impacts of globalization is driven by high taxes, high wages, powerful labor unions and profit-seeking businesses in a technical and educational most diversified world. The impacts are reflagging of production, and immigration toward the Western world. If this last development was more or less planned does not matter, it suited the objectives very well. 


The voluntary ECU frightened too many in Germany without any reason, the same in United Kingdom and in Denmark, people understood very little of the facts, and of the money-plans, but many suspected the plots of course. At first ECU was proposed as non-compulsory currency by the British former Minister of Foreign Affaires and former Prime Minister John Major[19]. Euro was invented in the office of the German former Minister of Finance Theo Waigel. This is an example of how ignorance to changed realities sometimes makes less noise than, if the changes apparently are much bigger, and they are mentioned and explained a great deal more. Here the rulers were not cautious enough from the start.


The name of currency (nearly the only thing we informed about) is of the same real (un)importance as the colors of the notes. But it is important to create quiet, and keep silence about the whole thing - they thought. This did not happen with the new, from the start so-called 'national' EURO. The currency then had be common like the monetary- and creditpolicy, and in reality the finance policy in consequence of this too. This arrangement of the monetary realm leads automatically to a new creation of an artificial EURO-state, Euroland, Neurope[20].


It is for the individual beneficially and practically important to know a few things more than is thrown light on here. You are welcome to write to or call me with these practical questions after you have read Appendix 2 [21].


If they do not get Denmark, United Kingdom and Sweden (the last two mentioned have postponed the decision) away from reservation respectively does get to join the money-arrangements, they might try to expand EU, and form the military West-Union ready for action more rapidly. They stated the reason for this unreliably with and trained it practically in the self-created lengthening of the Balkan Wars.


Debt (to an unkown creditor):

The creditors are Islamic OPEC-countries, international wholesaler-banks and the international high finance[22].

Only the truth is to be used against puppeteers and the money-power-centers, and the staged international insanity created from a sick idea[23] in the mentioned international agencies and masonry-like organizations.


The time factor and a common fight for the truth are definitively determining, if we shall win the only thing that we can count on within the democratic way: Win victory over the internationalists (read: Lenin's & Trotsky’s Useful Idiots) in our population. They 'reside' in every considerable institution, and they dominate all the media in Denmark. Many of them is just playing the winning horse, they hope. From these institutions they lie day out day in to bring the minds of the receivers into the right outlook. Unfortunately we have no time left, if the development shall be turned without big troubles, and perhaps war. Perhaps it is too late. We shall as a result save our 1000 year old nation.


They try to manage, to direct and control the individuals, most of time unconsciously without the individuals know, what is really happening[24], like in the old Soviet Union and in Hitler-Germany. In our country it must be the opposite. Only with effective solidarity and forgiveness across all other meaningless disagreements, we can nip them in the bud.


This assumes that we let the raw truth be known to those Danes and those friendly foreigners in the same boat that will save their nation too. A deciding difference between the situation in Denmark August 29th 1943 and now: Nobody is coming to help us from outside.




When the D-Mark, the Franc and the Lire shall be entirely abolished Juli 1st 2002 (a statement made in 1996)


Currency-sovereignty and independent finance policy

The prerequisite for the dkr. to be coupled to the EURO is that the Danish government live up to the expectation of the savings and no deficit on the balance og public finances and other claims from the ECB - European Central Bank. “It is just cracy to go on with a national currency-independence, when the EURO has been accepted by our politicians anyway.” It must mean that the finance policy, the monetary- and interest-policy in Denmark is being ruled directly as some contra-yield to the coupling - and even after a NO at the Danish referendum about the EURO.

What a coupling. September the 13th 2000 the Danish National Bank had to intervene with 3 billions kr. because the German authorities sold Danish government bonds just as it announced would happen, if the Danish voted no. Just the poll that showed a clear NO was enough (the fall 2000).


The Danish politicians talked about the strong Danish krone throught the summer 2000 (the fall 2000). They aught to know better, but they do or must not[25]. As long as there are monetary-monopolies - the national central banks have monopoly of money-issuing - there can not be another monopoly above.

But there actually is.


Claims of convergency - Stability

The claims of convergency gives a hint of the firmness of rules. For instance in the Maastricht-treaty, article 104C you read: ’After a general estimation the Counsel... states if there is a relativily big deficit’. This is certainly not a stringent rule about the yearly deficit on the public finances that must not be larger than 3% of GDP in market prices.

It can also be read in the treaty that the interpretation of these claims is a matter for the Counsel of Ministers. The claims are generally nearly radom and mostly inconsistent to one another. For instance the claim of convergency concerning the rate of inflation. It is the weakest of the claims.

You also read that a country to secure price-stability must not reach a rate of inflation of more than 1.5 % more than the average of the rates in the three most price-stable countries in the monetary union. This tells nothing at all about the real rate of inflation. The debt-claims are really inconsistent. The amount of deficit on the public finances - taxes minus the public expenses - which must not amount to more than 3% of GDP (minus the requirements of raw materials) is surely not so important as the claims about getting the debt of the state down to 60% of GDP. The half of the countries can not fulfill that last claim without accepting crises of instability.


Stability is really not accounted by a index of prices that means some quantitive standards are to be fulfilled, and we then say the currency in stable. Stability includes the dynamics of capital-formation, securing the process of investment, economic growth and high productivity. All this can not be reached or calculated on the basis of some static conception.


Capital flight - Socialcrisis - Declining of rules

Foreigners as well as domestic people, which do not trust the new money, will transfer their values to other currencies. The EMU will begin with a crisis. The capital flight will throw Europe into a social crisis, because the capital flight will force ECB to raise the common interest rate. The southern European countries and Belgium, Irland and Denmark - cannot get through this.

When the social crisis is there the temptation is big to try to manage it with public investments and with a consciously public increase the amount of money. This means deficit on the public finances, and then we are back in Keynesianism, where the responsible - in a now 60 years old era - have followed the line of least resistance to remain in office.

Very soon it will prove that the taken measures against the inflation as desribed in the Maastricht Treaty will not help very much. We will then face a lasting crisis thanks to the new currency of unit. This will break the currency-union.


Inflation - Social crises

The competent individuals of the ECB will certainly not be unscrupulous inflationists. Through a price-stability oriented policy they will try to make the new currency truth-worthy. But they are left with the problem that stability-oriented policy have to be strengthed cause by the capital flight - and that this policy must meet national resistance, which will appear because of the sharpened structural and social crises.

It is rather the interest rate and the expectations of profit than the wage-rate which decide the activity in Europe. A currency reform, where you state the dates of all the changes, and where you principally keep the national currency-sovereignty for three year in an changing phase have to be made by politician without any real insight at all, and by reality-entrenched technocrates or made by traitors. When the speculation quite foreseeable is one of the mighty problems at the establishment, then it is nonsence-project. It was not quite unforeseeable.





Eventually a stop for capital flight

Article 73F in the Maastricht treaty deals with an Europe where control with capital movement may be introduced. The investors can then no longer escape to Swiss franc, yen or dollars. As if the investors were not enough scared till now. Speculators/investors keep up with this very carefully all the time.

If they do not get Denmark - United Kingdom and Sweden postponed the decision of the European currency - away from it reservation to the currency-arrangements, and Britain and Sweden also decide not join Euro, they perhaps will try to expand EU and make the military West-Union ready for action more rapidly. They stated the reason for this unreliably with and trained it practically in the self-created lengthe-ning of the Balkans War.



Were we wrong or were we right?


How did the EURO develop the first year?

1 EURO accounted in in different currencies





EURO-rate-develop. p.c. *)

US dollar




British £




Jap. YEN


















Norwegian kr.




Swedish kr.




Danish kr.




*) Accounted in relation to exchange-rate 01/25/99

**) The Danish crone has been fixed in relation to EURO


Supplement: The development related to US-dollar until september 15th 2000 is  –25%



Another suplement:

            EURO-DKK-currency invested in US$-government-bonds resulted in a yield of 12.3 p.c. p.y.

            from currency-rate-development plus 4-6% extra from USD-government-bonds for the last 12 month

            when you account from 01-07-01.



























            "That it does not pay better off to invest in production anybody can understand.






             Especially when your investment is very easy transfered to or taken home from a most private





















You can read further deatail on :




















This delopment can også be read on Let us explain what the figures show by an example. You may say that if you purse contained 100,000 Danish kr. both in januar 1999 and 2000, you have lost 6,200 kr in a year, if you compare with the situation, where you instead changed to Norwegian kr. in Januar 1999 and change back in january 2000. The exchange-cost (in Denmark 25-30 dkr. a time excluded oligopoly-high bankprofit on the exchangerate) excluded.

If you had compared the sum in US-dollars instead of dkr or EURO you would have earned 13.2 % in a year without doing anything else.


These things are not told clearly by Danish media. They repoted at the beginning of 2000 that you should invest in the stock market. Bluff ! They try to get the losses from the stock market distributed to you too, if the collaps of the stock markets should come.


Somebody has discovered the currency exchange-rates to be a little lower than shown here. The profits of the banks are never included in the presentations, I have to report.


They told us about lower exchange-payments with the Euro.This payments has increased instead. Mars 10th 1999 German ARD-TVs Tageschau showed that the exchange-cost has increased all over Germa-ny too. The decrease of the Euro means that the capital leaves Europe. They are talking about the competition-favor in the trade from a lower Euro.

The other half of the problem is the problem as things are.

We told it in advance not because we were paid to do so, but because we knew it. In order to most invest have to borrow (the shortest version to explain). With an decreasing Euro the interest-rate have to be increased, but among many other things without the foreign capital we cannot produce the products we might sell. In the beginning of 2000 the interest rates were being increased in both Europe and USA, and the result is that the capital will then return to USA. If the ECB later on must intervene the market it have to borrow the capital that left Europe.

Lower taxes and lower wages were never on their minds. 

The rest of the development, and the lost knowledge from 2000 and forward I shall try to give you in chapter 6.


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[1] After one generation everybody, who has not been told in secrecy, must seek his knowledge in writings. Writings have to be published in order to have any extension at all.

[2] It is not cheap to become elected President of U.S.A. after C.F.R. and Federal Reserve System have taken over “the interior” opinion of who is the best in this position.

[3] Henry Morgenthau Junior was appointed to Minister of Finance (Secreatary of Treasury). Harry Dexter White was second in charge. Morgenthau expresses his opinion about the peace, and his view of Germany very precisely in the book that was published after World War II in 1945. Harry Dexter White has written the book that Morgenthau signed, Charles Higham tells in his book 'Trading with the enemy' from 1983. As far as I know nobody has found anything to correct in this book that primery was send to top.

Read a few extracts on :


From 'Germany Is Our Problem' (Signed by Morgenthau, written by White):

"The Treaty of Versailles and its conditions were as mild as they could be. The theory that the German people would appreciate milder conditions, was advocated by most of the leading personalities on the Peace Conference in Paris".

"Germany's way towards the peace is through agriculture. The German working men and women can serve themselves and the world best by cultivating the German soil".

"Germany without heavy industry has the laborforce and the arable land enough to feed itself. It would mean troubles and hard work for many years. But that will be the fact, if either Germany is allowed to build heavy industry or not".

"..when Great Britain's most considerable political question was the Parliament Reform, which was agreed in 1832, the Germans were occupied by studying Hegel. This pioneer in the German philosophy taught that the state was God's most complete expression in human life, that the Prussian were the most noble expression of this heavenly authority, and that this existence was the culmination of the historical development."

"..for one hundred years the Germans have prefered Hegel for Heine (mine: Heinrich Heine who inspired the top of the French Socialists). He who try to understand both of them, will find that the tast of the Germans is a little too mysterical for other people..".

"The reason is not that the Germans are not brought up, but that they on purpose and efficiently were brought up wrong. That middle aged faith that war is the only worthy occupation for a real man, and the best business for an ordinary human being, was livivng on in Germany, long time after it had been antiquated in that Europe, which was considered civilized... Other peoples have naturally had their outburst of megalomania".


Theodor N. Kaufman published in 1941 the book: 'Germany Must Perish'. The title speakes for itself.


My comments to the few of Henry Morgenthaus' considerations that were included above: The Sovjet Union would or should have got the wanted or not wanted territorial dominans on the continent with the order taught by Morgenthau in the publication mentioned above. Supplementary it must be mentioned that the experimenthal-psycologist Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt, who was a child like Hegel of the same German/ European epoch in the 18th and the 19th century, exported his illuminated worship of the human being with an enormous succes to U.S.A. from Leipzig already in the first quarter of the 20th century. As we shall see below this individual-destroying cult conquered the American Education System before Worldwar II.

From U.S.A. this bestial worshipping of the human being returned to Europe, also to Germany, but not before the Postwar Period  (after ww2) it conquered the schools and the sector of education in Europe. Later on and to day (2002), it goes on and on within EU and UN’s UNESCO, especially in France (read more below).

[4] Professor Birck, who presumably preferred the gold, wrote on page 27 in his book, 'The media of Exchan-ge of the Economy of Credit' in the year 1900:

"State the reason for the comparative rarity of the gold it will be easy for a few rich firms, as Bleichroeder, Rothschild frères, the Goulds ect. to make a corner in gold; by drawing some few millions (in 1900) in gold from one leading bank they could, because the means of credit is reduced corresponding to that, create artificial scarcity of money that will mean a high interest and a depression in the market of shares. It is well known that scarcity of money effects the industrial papers more than the government papers, and again it effects most stongly on the courses of the most questionable shares. The French anti-Semites claim that the Rothschilds often use (mine: written in the year 1900) these tactics, when they speculate en baisse."

[5] On page 146 in 'The Economic Consequences of the Peace' from November 1919.

[6] On page 149 in the same book Keynes wrote:

"In the later stages of the war all the belligerent governments practiced, from necessity or incompetence, what a Bolshevist might have done from the design" (unquote).

The lack of explanation to inflation throughout all the voluminous writings of Keynes may be found on this necessity. Incompetence too? We can not know. He could have told us.


A source to possible exploitation:


J. M. Keynes was a homosexual, the approved Anthony Sampson wrote in: “The Hidden Power”.

WINSTON CHURCHILL like John Maynard Keynes wrote the totally opposite before and after he was picked up by the top.

1.Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's article "Zionism Versus Bolsjevism" that was published February 8th 1920 in Illustrated Sunday Herald, tells that Trotzky belonged to the same Jewish plot as the one that began with Adam Weishaupt"...and Illuminati of 1776.
2. Winston Churchill
The freemason Winston Churchill emphasized that if USA had not entered WWI, peace would had been made between England and Germany, og then the Russian Tzar had not been removed. In that case the Bolsheviks would not had succeded with taken the power in Russia (Social Justice Magazine, nr. 3, Juli 1st 1939, p)

It should not be so.

2. Winston Churchill
"The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavour is taking place, an important plan, on which realiza-tion we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind" - Winston Churchill - (33 Degree Freemason)

A lot of other participants in the 'big endeavour' have been quoted on:

[7] Last time used as a so-called peace-mediator in the dear conflict-solving model of UN and EU in Ex-Jugoslavia. Were there not 13 of this kind in Bosnia before the world-army call US “had to” go in.

[8] The one we know from the Danish, the German, the American Labor Market Policy in the latest 15 years.

[9] Former adviser of Security-Politics for President Jimmy Carter, and mentioned by Senator Barry Goldwater Jimmy Carter was found by Z. B. and David Rockefeller.

[10] To signal is a widespreading phenomenon under 'Danish Media-Cracy'. It means to send information to the right receiver (eventually a group) without any unauthorized interference, that means without noise on the transmission. Earlier the meaning of signals e.g. was close connected to railways and other trafic.

[11] The reader could find the books.

[12] Read for example Cohen's book with the subtitle 'A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century'. It is a directly written program of how to encourage the communism by beating with racism against the people till they loose their selfrespect, and then much easier are being managed.


[13] But it is not very difficult to ascertain the results of the work in the group, when a few pieces of the plan come into the hands of outsiders.

[14] Read about this for example in Jean Monnet's: Memoirs, Collins, London, 1978.

[15] Billions (in Europe) are still called trillions in U.S.A. In English $18 billions are $18,000 milliards or $18,000,000,000,000 that is in American $ 18 trillions.

[16] For example the hidden, but found again European-Arabic Dialog speakes distinctly about 'the united plans' for the Arabic countries and EU. The Euro-Arabic Conference in Barcelona November 27th to 28th 1995 followed these efforts up with more concrete decisions (compare: The Department of Foreign Affaires in Denmark, case Journal No 400. E.6-14).

The Law for Foreigners and all the laws following this in Denmark from 1983 (read more below) have been written in the light of these secret international agreements. It would not had been necessary.


I am sure the people of Denmark would have backed the politicians, if they had done, what the people wanted them to do. Apparently they decided in the interest of others. In Austria they can with the new government from February 2000 get a referendum if 10 p.c. of the voter want it. One of reason why EU made sanctions against this countries.

In Switzerland it is the same, and Bayern, Germany gives a referendum if 20 p.c. of the voters want it. That is the way we perhaps might go.


The problem/the crime is then: They were selected by the people/the voters of Denmark, but these visible rulers told lies most of time, and did that they were told to do by the real rulers.

[17] Several well-informed and well-founded sourcers say that Denmark is a experimentation-nation for the leaders of the New World Order. Denmark was selected because of its clarity and the temper of the Danes.

[18] In this connection it must be mentioned that Keynes in the thirties foresaw a quick industrialization of the Afro-Asiatic area in the Postwar Period would lead to big general increases in prices on raw-materials. Generally it developed directly opposite.

[19] The ECU was a voluntary European currency side by side of the other real national currencies. It could gradually be included freely in the trading, and in the exchanging activities. If you mistrusted your own currency or your Minister of Finance, you could choose the ECU instead of your national currency. Then the ECU-emission-house (that had to be established) had to buy Danish Krones with the result that the amount of Dansh Krones had to be decreased. Your Minister of Finance then had to raise the interest rate. This would have been his punishment made by you alone. And the sovereignty of your national centralbank was then untouched. A very fine English proposal, indeed, made by John Major under Margaret Thathers – when you for a moment forget the problem of nominal and real rates of exchange that will be explained later on. The EURO is fateful, because the single nation with this no longer has any monetary sovereignty, and because the states of Europe with extremely different natural, economic, financial, cultural structures cannot have the same monetary policy without unstability in a period, where the foreign capital is leaving for USA. The EURO is forced upon us, and it is a united currency that the citizens, the businesses, the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, the politicians, and the speculators have to legitimate at the same time. EURO is a catastrophe, because it is a pure illusion, I promise! Read the next section, and I presume you will understand, too. Read also Appendix 2 about e.g. ‘Euro, the end of the social state’.

[20] "...the Europe that is shaping now is temporary the Europe of the banks, its heros are Roth-schilds and Rockefellers, and a entire new hagiographi has grown up to fête them", Anthony Sampson wrote in 1968 in ”The New Europeans”. Hodder & Stoughton. England 1968.

[21] My name and the address is:

cand. oecon. Joern E. Vig  - Stadion Allé 48 - DK-8000  Aarhus C - Danmark - Tel. or Fax 

(+45) 86 14 58 37, e-mail: Wedsite:


[22] Anthony Rothschild wrote in 1866: "We want peace at any price. What are Germany, Austria or Belgium to us. Those sort of things is antiquated".

[23] A sick idea I have to call it, as it includes changes that fight the course of nature or other parts of simple truth.

[24] Read note 1 in chapter 7.

[25] There certainly is a difference between statesmen and professional politicians of today.